Being Rehomed by Owner


Dazy is the sweetest girl who loves people and unattended food left on the table. She will be your closest friend; she will sleep with you, sit next to you, and generally never leave your side. If you want a loyal dog with a great temperament, she is the one. She will loudly announce when visitors come, and may open the screen door when she jumps up and pushes it. She is also good at opening doors with latches and can let herself out of the house when you're not looking. She wants to be the only dog in your life. And if you have children, she'd rather they be older and able to give her gentle pets & attention. No tights squeezes please! However, she will tolerate a little kid for a while...but will be relieved when the kiddo leaves. Dazy seems to be recovering from a bad experience with men and shoes. So, we want a kind, patient family to provide Dazy the peace she needs to LOVE you more than you thought a dog could love. We are so sad that we can't give her the environment she needs (too many small kiddos and company). If you are interested in Dazy please contact Kevin at [email protected]

Age: 5
Sex: Female
Color: Brindle
Price: $0.00
ID: 74131329

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  • Being rehomed by owner