Being Rehomed by Owner


Xena is a such a beauty. She is fully house trained and rarely ever had to stay in a crate but when she was there was never an issue with her using the bathroom or destroying anything. She takes a while to warm up to people and does bark and seems a little aggressive. She has been with my grandson since he was born and he is 1 now and there has never been any issues. Like ai said it just take time for her to warm up to strangers. She knows commands sit, lay, speak and roll over. She love's belly rubs and car rides. She also knows what the 711 store is because we would get a hot dog as a treat about twice a month. She does slobber when car riding but will sit and loo out of the window. Our back yard is fenced in so she has never been loose per say as she will run away and she is VERY fast. She also loves to play fetch with tennis balls and can react to "leave it when you tell her so she can drop the ball for you to throw it again! She grumbles and growls at new people and I tell others to ignore her and do not reach at her bc I fear her biting. She has slept on the end of the bed with me since she came to our home. My husband picked her up from somewhere in the country (so he says). I am unsure of her parents. I am willing to help with meet and greets and housing for her. I will do anything I can to help as this is absolutely heart breaking for me. If you are interested please contact Frances at (434) 509-9779

Age: 2
Sex: Female
Color: Brindle
Price: $0.00
ID: 74428991

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  • Being rehomed by owner