Being Rehomed by Owner


Koda is a very active outstanding dog. He has a very playful personality and I believe over time he will have enough discipline to be off a lead when going on hikes or being outside so if you are a person of nature and like to go out on adventures he is definitely fit to do so. He doesn't act up in the car they typically make him sleepy. Since it's so early in his life it's hard to see what all he's capable of and I wish I could but I just want him to live more actively and to share the love and happiness he's shared with me and my family. I'm really proud of him for the improvements he has made since day one and each day he learns. Once he gets out of his adolescent years I see him being a great family dog and adventure dog. If you are interested in Koda, please contact Kameron at (434) 610-4658 or [email protected].

Age: 6 months
Sex: Male
Color: Brown/White
Price: $0.00
ID: 76330506

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  • Being rehomed by owner