Coco is a very friendly chinchilla! Over the past year or so we have noticed she has become more fond and trusting of people; we have housed her in quiet and more trafficked locations in our house, and she loves being in places where she can observe people. She doesn't fall in the "snuggly" side of the spectrum but she is comfortable being held for short times. She loves exploring when she gets out of her cage and will climb and jump on you if you allow her to get comfortable with you! She loves treats and that is the quickest way to know you are a friend. She is a little skittish around kids, but she has let toddlers feed her. Overall, she has been a great pet for me and my wife! There are no known medical issues, so she is good to go! If you are interested in Coco, please contact Andrew at (540) 379-6749 or [email protected].

Age: 4
Sex: Female
Color: Grey
Price: $0.00
ID: 76374430

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