Introducing the Dynamic Duo: Caramel and Oreo! Are you ready to add a bundle of joy to your home? Look no further - meet Caramel and Oreo, the most adorable pair of American Guinea Pigs in search of a loving family! Caramel, the energetic 2-year-old, is a pro at outdoor escapades in her cage. Watch her zoom around and be amazed as she gracefully crawls onto your hand, eager to explore new places or simply play with you. Her love for lettuce, strawberries, and tomatoes adds a delightful touch to her charming personality. Oreo, Caramel's introverted sister, brings a unique charm to the duo. Though she enjoys hiding in guinea pig hides, Oreo surprises everyone with her nighttime adventures when the room is all hers. While she's still mastering the art of crawling on hands, her endearing nature shines through. Lettuce, grapes, and carrots are Oreo's ultimate favorites. Sharing a birthday on January 7, these sisters not only melt hearts but also come with their very own cozy cage and accessories. The perfect package deal for anyone looking to welcome two furry companions into their home. If you are ready to make Caramel and Oreo a part of your family or if you have questions about the guinea pigs or their comfy cage, please contact Kaleh at 206-859-3794 or email [email protected]

Age: 2
Sex: Female
Color: White
Price: $0.00
ID: 83193616

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