We Were Adopted! June 4th – June 10th.

Cami and 32 of her friends found happiness this week!

We are so happy to let you know that Cami has found happiness! 💜

Cami has been in our care for almost a year now and has struggled with life inside LHS. Since she’s been with us, Cami has been confused and frustrated by her environment. Our amazing foster team was able to get her into foster care where Cami blossomed! We found out that though she is an independent girly, she still loves cuddles, and will do anything for treats.

When Cami came back from foster, she instantly shut down again. Needless to say, we needed to find a home for her fast so she could go back to being her happy self. Last week a volunteer who was a huge advocate for Cami, placed a memo on Cami’s profile that the wonderful people over at @Lynchburg Grows were interested in adopting Cami and having her be a resident farm cat! We reached out and the rest is history! They came and adopted Cami yesterday evening and even let us know that she immediately warmed up to them and was accepting treats and pets.

We are so happy for Cami and can’t thank Lynchburg Grows enough for giving Cami a loving home. 💜

And we also want to thank you too Petco Love for making adoptions like this possible! Check out below who else found happiness!

Pets that were adopted June 4th through June 10th.

Cats that were adopted:

April Showers, Aura, Cami, Cecil, Charisma, Curry, Eowyn, Fedora, Frannie, huck, Kai, Makita, Matcha, Mocha, Nami, Optimus Prime, Starscream, Tom, Trucker, and Tucker.

Dogs that were adopted:

Ace, Buttercup, Coco, Falafel, Finnegan, Hans, hazel, Memphis, Moana, Rokko, Village, and Wishbone.

We Were Adopted! May 28th – June 3rd.

Benji and 43 of his friends found happiness this week!

Sweet little Benji came into our care in early May and won over many staff members hearts with his goofy personality. Benji is a little different in some ways than other dogs. He is very clumsy, and his little legs are always on the move unless he’s snoozing away. Before we made him adoptable, we wanted to make sure he didn’t have any major neurological issues. Our medical team did discover that Benji has a neurologic deficit which is an abnormal neurologic function in a specific area of the nervous system, that he has likely had since birth. This disorder may never go away for Benji, but it won’t stop him from living his happiest life.

Benji became available for adoption last week and it didn’t take long for him to win over the heart of his now mom! We are so happy for our happy feet puppy and his new family.

Thank you to everyone who adopted giving so many pets new homes and happiness. Thank you also to Petco Love for being this month’s sponsor! Check out who else was adopted below!

Pets that were adopted May 28th through June 3rd.

Cats that were adopted:

Amelia, Balto, Brown Sugar, Canada Dry, Chloe, DiCaprio, Dio, Eleanor, Ellie, Essence, Glenda, Harper, Holly, Larry, Malone, Moonglow, Nikki, Ramsey, Riku, Roger, Root Beer, Roz, Sansa, Serena, Togo, Tyrion, and Worcestershire. 

Dogs that were adopted:

Benji, Bootie, Brooklyn, Fuji, Haley, Honey Crisp, Izzy, Kanga, Knoxville, Lexi, Mercury, Pink Lady, Rogersville, Spring Hill, Sweetums, Vienna, and Zorro.

We Were Adopted! May 21st – May 27th!

Tucker and 60 of his friends found happiness this week!

Sweet Tucker originally came into our care in late 2021 and was adopted just a couple months later, but unfortunately life happened, and Tucker had to come back to us a little over a year later. Since then, he has spent time in and out of foster homes getting breaks from the shelter and had a little bit of adoption interest, but they weren’t the match Tucker needed.

Tucker did have many staff buddies here at the Center who loved spending time with him, and Tucker loved every minute of being spoiled by them. We learned that Tucker was just a big lap dog who wanted nothing more than to give you all of his love and affection. He also really liked spending time with other dogs! He spent a lot of time in our playgroups, running around with all his besties. Though staff did their best to make sure Tucker was happy at the Center while he waiting to find his perfect match, we could start to see that Tucker was getting sad. We knew we had to do everything we could to make this sweet boy happy again, so our foster team quickly went to work on finding him a foster home.

Tucker went into foster in February of this year and in those few months he became his happy self again, so much so that his fosters fell in love with him, and decided to make it official and adopted him over the weekend! We are so happy for Tucker and that he finally found happiness after waiting for so long.

Thank you to everyone who adopted this past week giving so many pets new homes and families. thank you as well to Petco Love for making adoptions like this possible!

Check out who else got adopted below!

Pets that were adopted May 21st through May 27th.

Cats that were adopted:

Andrea, Asia, Astra, Atom, Blueberry, Borbolita, Bottle Cap, Buttermilk, Cassian, Chocolate Chip, Emerald, Farfalla, Gaia, Horatio, I Spy, Jade, Kelly, Limburger, Maple Syrup, Marilyn, Mariposa, Miss Tay, Neutron, Otto, Panda, Papillon, Petra, Pili-Pala, Pumpkin, Schmetterling, Soren, Tarragon, Tigger, Toby, and Vannah.

Dogs that were adopted:

Blaire, Cortland, Ditto, Dream Weaver, Earth, Gatlinburg, Hiccup, Jonathan, Jupiter, Knoxville, Kuiper, Mars, Maryville, McIntosh, Memphis, Millington, Minnie, Morning Glory, Mt. Juliet, Nashville, Neptune, Phoebe, Sol, Tucker, Uranus, and Venus.

We Were Adopted! May 14th – May 20th

Cholula and 47 of her friends found happiness this week!

Cholula came into our care in January of 2023. It didn’t take us long to learn that Cholula was an independent girlie who preferred her space. She loves the company of other cats; she just isn’t really the biggest fan of us humans. She spent most of her days hanging out in our porch room with her bestie Yzma, and also got a break from the shelter by spending time in a foster home.

Last week we had someone come in asking about Cholula! They wanted a cat that would be okay with being a “working cat” or “barn cat”. The low maintenance kind of cat, which is exactly what Cholula is. She was the perfect match for what they were looking for and ended up adopting her! After almost a year and a half of being at the Center, Cholula is finally getting a home where her independent behavior will be understood, and we couldn’t be happier for this loner girl.

Thank you to everyone who adopted this past week giving so many pets new homes and families. thank you as well to Petco Love for making adoptions like this possible!

Check out who else got adopted below!

Pets who were adopted May 14th through May 20th.

Cats that were adopted:

Abbey, Ariel, Asuka, Billie, Bonnet, Cholula, Cowboy, Derby, Donovan, Earmuffs, Ethel, Go Fish, Harmony, Juno, Kairi, Leigh, Leo, May Flowers, Melody, Miley, Nellie, Oscar, Panama, Purricaine, Stoney, Stout, Tiffany Valentine, Trucker, Valiente, Vivian, and Walter.

Dogs that were adopted:

Avatar, Chester, Chex, Elsie, Fitz, Forget Me Not, Gus, Jacques, Kendall, Kuiper, Maeve, Minnow, Molly, Patches, Pluto, Pookie, Starry, and Violet.

We Were Adopted! May 7th – May 13th.

Simone and 36 of her friends found happiness this week!

Sweet Simone was transferred to us last April from Bedford and spent most of her days hiding in her condo with her sister. Simone was afraid of life at the Center, but who can blame her? It’s a big space with lots of sounds. Over the last year we worked with Simone on her confidence and showing her that humans aren’t so scary, and it worked! Simone started coming out of her hiding space and “talking” to everyone that past by her condo. Though she still wasn’t as confident with being pet, she wanted people to know she was there. Her sister ended up getting adopted a couple months ago and we were afraid that without her, Simone would go back to her old ways of hiding from everyone and lose all the confidence she had gained. Luckily, that didn’t happen! Simone became chatty as ever to get people to stop by and say hello. Thanks to all that confidence she gained, Simone was adopted on Friday! She now has a new family to learn and grow with!

We want to say thank you to everyone who adopted this past week giving so many pets new homes and families. thank you as well to BISSELL Pet Foundation for making adoptions like this possible!

Check out who else got adopted below!

Pets that were adopted May 7th through May 13th.

Cats that were adopted:

Claudius, Elizabeth Kelly, Fate, Fluffernutter, Garth, Gertrude, Grace Kelly, Griffin, Happenstance, Jack Kelly, Jane Kelly, Kismet, Margaret Kelly, Muskrat, Osaka, Reid, Serendipity, Sierra, Simone, Spades, Squish, Sweeney, Uno, Whitney Houston, and Yoshi.

Dogs that were adopted:

Biscuit, Dexter, Fortress, Lance, Lena, Margo, Mesa, Myla, Rain, Tiara, and Victor.