We Were Adopted!! May 2nd – May 8th!

55 Pets Found Happiness this week!

Everyone’s Favorite Loaf found a family during our “Spring into Happiness” adoption special!

Loaf is a senior beagle that came into our care back in March. She instantly stole the hearts of our staff and volunteers. Our volunteers loved taking Loaf out for her slow walks around the Center and getting all the snuggles in that they could while she waited for her family.

Thank you so much to all of the adopters and to our sponsors at Petco Love for making adoptions like these possible!

Pets that were adopted May 2nd through May 8th.

Cats that were adopted:

Automobile, Baby, Bacon, Cedar, Chowder, David Bowie, Elleana, Laken, Laural, Lewis, Libby, Lincoln, Madison, Merlot, Pawly, Pho, Plane, Raja, Starr, Stormy, Sultan, Thantos, Time Warp, Tomato, Train, and Yoko.

Dogs that were adopted:

April, Baloo, Buddy Boy, Charley, Clifford, Davos, Elf, Faline, Fudge, Gus Gus, Ivory, Jan, Jim, June, Loaf, May, Motor, Mowgli, Nepal, Nixon, Priscilla, Sadie, Smiley, Tank, Ted Bob, Wilson, Winston, and Zaia.

Small Pets that were adopted:


Did you know? The Lynchburg Humane Society has working cats for adoption!

"Did you know" Lynchburg Humane Society logo, a green dog icon that has a confused head tilt

Barn Cats available for Adoption

Working cats, also known as barn cats, are cats that prefer to have an independent life from human friends. They would much rather be the guardian of a shop or a barn than be a house cat for a family. At LHS we have many of these cats available for adoption! 

A few working cats available for adoption at LHS:

Cheese Puff is an eight year old gentleman that is looking for a place to call his own! Cheese Puff is not doing well in the shelter environment and would much rather be living his best barn or working cat life. Do you know of someone who needs a handsome orange and white hard working boy in their life?

Meet Fawn, this beautiful lady came to LHS summer 2022 with her kittens who have now found their families and she is waiting for her match. Fawn prefers independence and space from people but really enjoys the company of other cats so would do great with other pets. She LOVES her porch room buddy, Jason. More about Jason below!

Jason is a big, handsome cat that loves himself some other cats! Just because Jason prefers space from people doesn’t mean he can’t fall in love. Jason has had a couple of cats in his time here at LHS that he’s become very close to. His current best friend is Fawn! Our staff loves to walk by the porch room and see Fawn and Jason cuddled up together or following each other around. This pair would be perfect for a space that could use multiple cats like a large barn, store, or farm!

All our working cats can be found on our website with a “working cat” attribute on their profiles. Many of them also live in the Porch Room on the adoption hallway so you can come by and visit them any time. 

Did you know?  What is the relationship between the Lynchburg Humane Society and the Lynchburg Animal Control and Police Department?

Lynchburg Humane Society and Lynchburg Animal Control Partnership

"Did you know" Lynchburg Humane Society logo, a green dog icon that has a confused head tilt

The Lynchburg Humane Society, a nonprofit 501c3 organization, has partnered with the City of Lynchburg for several decades.  Animal Control is a part of the Lynchburg Police Department.  LHS has no authority over Animal Control, however, we have a wonderful relationship with them.  They help lost pets get to LHS safely, and then we care for them.  They will also bring us pets that are neglected, abandoned, are taken from their home due to cruelty, or are deemed to be a danger to the public.  

While we are not the same organization as Animal Control or the Lynchburg Police Department, we understand how important they are in our City and to the Lynchburg Humane Society.  There are often complaints that no one will pick up a lost pet during the evenings or weekends.  That is because Animal Control does not work in the evenings or weekends, and the Lynchburg Police Department is busy tending to the community’s safety concerns.  But many times, the Lynchburg Police Department does pick up pets during those off hours.  Especially if they are sick, injured or a public safety concern.

Stay in the “know”!

We think it is important to educate the public about how the Lynchburg Humane Society, Animal Control and the Lynchburg Police Department work together, but are separate entities.  We are thankful for the positive partnership we have with Animal Control – our City is fortunate to have such wonderful officers that work in partnership with us.

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We Were Adopted!! April 25th-May 1st!

Sweet boy Milner and 33 other Pets Found Happiness this week!

Milner quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite here at the Center for Pets, it was honestly inevitable with his happy, friendly, sweet personality. Milner doesn’t know the word stranger and became friends with everyone he met. He even became one of our petcation approved dogs and got to have a couple adventure days, too where he made even more friends!

We made a social media post spotlighting Milner and all his charm from a recent petcation he had been on and two days later he had a family come in and adopt him! Milner now has human siblings to snuggle and call his own. We are all so happy for this friendly boy and his new family.

Thank you so much to his adopters and to our sponsors at Petco Love for making adoptions like this and all the others possible!

Pets that were adopted April 25th through May 1st.

Cats that were adopted:

Carmel, Grant, Kennedy, Maraschino, Marcus, Misty, Peanuts, Piper, and Washington.

Dogs that were adopted:

Aster, Bagheera, Bongo, Briar, Chapo, Crow, Dixie, Eagle, Indus, Ivy, Jane, Kaa, Mikasa, Milner, Pilgrim, Rye, Shanti, Stellaluna, Tom, Lexi, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, Leah, Lucy, and Luana.

Small Pets that were adopted:


Did you know? The Lynchburg Humane Society’s policy for taking in Lost or Stray Pets and Owner Surrendered Pets.

Does the Lynchburg Humane Society take stray dogs and cats?

"Did you know" Lynchburg Humane Society logo, a green dog icon that has a confused head tilt

The Lynchburg Humane Society takes in all lost dogs in the City of Lynchburg and cares for them until their owners find them or finding a loving home for them if their owner never comes.  Some lost dogs are brought to us through a kind citizen, Animal Control, or the Lynchburg Police Department (who we partner with but are not the same entity – they are a part of the City, we are not – more about that next week). We always take the lost dogs that are found in the City. 

If a pet is brought to us from another county, we typically will ask them to take them to the county’s shelter where they were found.  The reason we do this is because we want to give the pet the best chance of finding its way back to the owner.  If a pet is taken to another jurisdiction than where it was found, it makes it more difficult for the owner to find their pet.  Additionally, if we took in every lost pet that was brought to us from another County, we would not be able to house them all safely.  

One of our lifesaving programs at LHS is our managed intake. We do not take in stray, healthy cats found in the community. We have many cats outside in our city that do not have families and are community cats! This cats live happily outside in their colonies and after they are altered and released no longer contribute to the overpopulation of cats in our community. Unfortunately, less than 3% of cats that are brought to shelters are ever reunited with their families. For more information on getting involved in Trap Neuter Return programs you can visit our community cat resource page or check out the local group, Stray Cat TNR!

Does the Lynchburg Humane Society take dogs and cats surrendered by their owners?

 We also take in pets that are needing a new home because their owners aren’t able to care for them anymore.  There are some lifesaving policies around taking pets who are being surrendered by their owners.  For example, we ask that owners help us help them.  A shelter should be the last resort to take a pet.  We want to bring every pet into our Center safely and not become overcrowded.  We ask them to work with us to rehome their pets.  We offer them guidance, marketing, advice, and more. 

If a pet is able to safely go from one home to another without coming to the shelter, that is the best for the pet (and the other pets that are at our Center).  The shelter, even our wonderful Center for Pets, is stressful and stress can cause unwanted behaviors and illnesses.  We provide whatever resources we are able to help owners either keep their pets or keep them until they are able to find a new loving home for them or until we have space to bring in the pet safely to our Center.  Resources can range from medical care, crates, food, training, etc.  If a pet is being neglected or is a danger to the household, we will take the pet in right away.  There are other emergency situations where we might take in a pet right away. 

Our lifesaving policies also prevent quick decisions of people who may be having a tough time with their pet, have lost patience, or don’t know what else they can do. This gives them a moment to think about it and not do something they will possibly regret.  And gives us a chance to work with them on any issues we can help with.

It’s important to communicate our policies and procedures with the public so they understand how we operate.  We see ourselves as a Center for the community and we want to do what is best for the pets and the people in our community!