We Were Adopted! January 16th-22nd!

Nicole Kidman and 42 other pets found happiness this week!

Everyone’s favorite star, Nicole Kidman, was adopted this week! Sweet Nicole had been with us since 2021. Nicole had a few medical concerns when she came into our care. She was a bit overweight and started to overgroom her stomach, which led her to always needing to wear a cone. She didn’t let her troubles get her down though! Nicole loved greeting everyone who stopped to say hello. She spent a good majority of her time in and out of foster care while waiting to be adopted.

Nicole left for foster for her last time back in November! Her foster parent decided to make Nicole a permanent part of the family! We are so happy for Nicole, her new family, and for all the other pets who found new homes!

Check out below who else found happiness this week!

Pets that were adopted January 16th through January 22nd.

Cats that were adopted:

Anton, Bunny, Catrina, Chloe, Corbin, Dixon, Empire, Fern Gully, Flubber, Fusion, Majestic, McIntosh, MooMoo, Nicole Kidman, Nixon, Nobleness, Noel, Patch Adams, Sonic, Stereo, Sunfyre, Superman, Tiny Tim, Twiggy, Ziggy, and Ziti.

Dogs that were adopted:

Angie, Archie, Bjorn, Bugs Bunny, Chance, Jelly Bean, Lester, Nicholas, Oso, Oswald, Oxanna, Showkey, Sully, Toad, Toby, Wile E Coyote, and Zeke.

We Were Adopted January 9th-15th!

Marley and 57 of her friends found happiness this week!

Marley and her two brothers came in as lost kittens in early December. They spent some of their time in foster care getting big and socialized before becoming available for adoption. Her brothers were adopted quickly, but little Marley was still patiently waiting for her person.

Flash forward to this past Friday nights Pawcasso and the magic of love at first sight for Marley and her new mom! As soon as Marley’s new mom and family came into Pawcasso she saw Marley and was smitten. Within minutes she was determined that Marley was coming home with her. A finished painting and an adoption later, Marley was hers! We are so happy for Marley and her new family.

We want to say thank you to everyone who came in and adopted this past week giving so many pets new homes. Check out who all was adopted below!

Pets that were adopted January 9th through January 15th.

Cats that were adopted:

Alpha, Anise, Bella, Bronco, Daisy, Davenport, Donna Who, Dumplin, Garbanzo Bean, Green Bean, Hawaii, Janae, Jolene, Loki, Lola, Mack, Marley, Noir, Ollie Miller, Pineapple Pizza, Pinky, Quinn, Rose, Sapphire, Sharron, Skidder B, Skippy, Sopapilla, Suku, Triss, Verity, Virgo, Vixen, and Zyrtec.

Ace, Banjo, Brantley, Brenda, Bugs Bunny, Chopstick, Cosmo, Dove, Elmer, Hagrid, Kandie, Koda, Lorne, Malvo, Mishka, Mulberry, Natasha, Nibbs, Perdita, Road Runner, Roxy, Rusty, Sapphire, and Sue Bell.

We Were Adopted! January 2nd-8th.

Music and 52 of her friends found happiness this week!

Music came into our care in February of last year. This 12-year-old beauty showed signs of stress immediately and was shutting down at the Center within just a few days. While staff did everything we could to make her comfortable, our foster team quickly went to work to find placement for her. It didn’t take long for them to get her into a loving foster home. She went from being a little spicey and shut down to being a lap loving cat who loves cuddles and spending time with their other cats. She has spent the last 10 months with her foster family and returned back to the Center mid-December to quickly be adopted into another loving home!

We are so happy for Music and all the other pets who found happiness this week! Thank you to everyone who adopted! Check out who else was adopted below.

Pets that were adopted January 2nd through January 8th.

Cats that were adopted:

Andonte, Baby Ruth, Barbie, Boombox, Cakey Cat, Chica, Cobweb, Dignity, Elegance, Endeavour, Ferris Wheel, Foxy, Freddy, Hansel, Hippo Honeydew, Jay, Juliet, Lisa, Lynyrd, Magician, Mizu, Mochi, Monty, Music, Nutmeg, Quil, Rizzo, Sarah, Scootch, Stella, Vance, and Winifred.

Dogs that were adopted:

Acacia, Beignet, Bella, Coco, Dolly Parton, Eleven, Eragon, Hazel, Leah, Loretta, Molly, Nelson, Phineas, Rauru, Sebastian, Slim Jim, Snoopy, and Yeah-Yeah.

Small Pets that were adopted:


We Were Adopted! December 26th – January 1st.

Nina, Gracie and 86 of their friends found happiness for the New Year!

Nina (left) and Gracie (right) came into our care mid-December with two other siblings not eating and dehydrated. They ended up testing positive for Canine Parvovirus. Our medical team went to work to help these four puppies. Caring for Parvo patients is incredibly hard on our staff and our organization. It requires constant care and managing of symptoms including medicine, IV fluids, special diets, and oftentimes even hand feeding patients. Sadly, two of the puppies did pass away to the virus. Nina and Gracie fought hard, and they overcame parvo with the constant help from our medical team!

These two girls became available for adoption on Sunday and were immediately adopted by two different loving families! We are so happy for Nina and Gracie and their new families.

We want to thank everyone who adopted this past week giving so many pets new homes! Check out below who else found happiness for the New Year!

Pets that were adopted December 26th through January 1st.

Cats that were adopted:

Aloe Vera, Amethyst, Ava, Batgirl, Beetlejuice, Beholder, Biscuit, Bucky, Buddy, Camila, Capone, Crackle, Croquet, Darius, Desert Willow, Disney, Diva, Dodge, Dove, Earl, Ebenezer, Emmie, Fezziwig, Grimace, Hamburglar, iPod, Iris, Jazzy, Jigsaw, Kala, Kate, Landon, Lee, Maraschino, Mayflower, Munster, Nola, Pip, Quinn, Richard, Riddle Rigatoni, Rossi, Sayah, Shamrock, Sienna, Silver Maple, Sizzle, Snape, Spaghetti Joan, Sugar Maple, Tumble Weed, Turquoise, Vixen, and Yellow Jacket.

Dogs that were adopted:

Arabella, Astro, Chicken Nugget, Cinnabon, CJ, Dancer, Dolly, Dopey, Dustin Henderson, Edith, Festive, Gabriella, Gracie, Hennessy, Kenny Rogers, King Ezekiel, Lilac, Louie, Max a Million, Nacho Fry, Nellie, Nicholas, Nina, Noretta, Oak, Panini, Patsy, Petunia, Rock, and Ross.

Small Pets that were adopted:

Madam Nibblets

We Were Adopted! December 19th-25th.

Bocce Ball and 72 of his friends found happiness this week!

Bocce Ball came into our care back in July with siblings when he was just a month old. Our medical team soon discovered that Bocce had a spinal injury that was causing him to have trouble walking with his hindlegs. He was diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia or as some call it Spastic Cat Syndrome or Wobbly Cat Syndrome. Bocce Ball soon started making weekly visits to Peaks View for acupuncture to help with his spine in hopes of helping him walk better. He has a long road ahead of him, but Bocce Ball has stayed in good kitten spirits, never letting his condition slow him down. He loves playing with his staff friends, foster friends, and even got to join in on a class of Cat Yoga where he won the hearts of everyone in class.

A little over a week ago a staff member reached out to one of our board members who has a soft spot for pets like Bocce Ball and it didn’t take long for her and her husband to decide that Bocce Ball needed to become part of their family! They came in and adopted him on the 21st and gave Bocce a home for Christmas!

His name is now Hobbs and has completely stolen their hearts and made himself right at home. (The picture on the left is after a game of kitten zoomies.)

We want to thank everyone who adopted this past week giving so many pets new homes! Thank you also to the BISSELL Pet Foundation for partnering with us for the Month of December, helping us find so many pets new homes for the holidays.

Check out who all went home for Christmas below!

Pets that were adopted December 19th through the 25th.

Cats that were adopted:

Abby, Alana, Anastasia, Azalea, Bailey, Bene, Bethany, Black Jack, Bocce Ball, Bran, Bricklebaum, Caitlin, Cal, Caramel, Catalanche, Chilly, Clack, Cookie Monster, Delilah, Dinozzo, Dunn, Farmer Brown, Firethorn, Francis, Ghostbuster, Gibbs, Groopert, Hannigan, Hemlock, Hera, Hoa, Jezebel, Kimchi, Lacin, Layla, Lemondrop Kid, Libby, Louie, Mac and Cheese, Mage, Margot, Marigold, Miriam, Montana, Moo, Mushroom, Myrtle, Ninebarks, Pearl, Peppermint Mocha, Pugsley, Ralph, Romy, Rose, Shania, Simba, Slinky, Susie, Tadashi, Will, and Yesterday.

Dogs that were adopted:

Alma, Bingo, Dove, Elvis, Link, Lylla, Smokey, Sofie, Titan, Tramp, Ursa, and Vinnie.