We were adopted! August 22nd-28th.

Rockette was adopted after spending over 300 days in the shelter.

If you’ve come to LHS to take a dog on a Petcation in the last year or so, you probably know Rockette! Rockette is our sweet one-year-old mixed breed girl that loved going on Petcations, playing with her dog friends, and getting all the attention.

Despite her popularity, Rockette spent quite some time in our care…until this past weekend! Rockette finally found her family and was adopted this weekend during our Clear the Shelters Adoption Special! We’re so excited for this match, and even better, this girl who LOVES other dogs went home with a dog sibling! Check out below for the other pets that got adopted last week:

Pets that were adopted August 15th through August 21st.

Cats that were adopted:

Ada, Amy Wong, Anchovy, Annalise, Ariel, Austin, Beholder, Bulbasaur, Button, Cece, Chai, Chirp, Classic, Cuckoo, Julien Baker, Kahlua, Kumquat, Leona, Lisa, Lucas, Lucy Dacus, Maiden, Mary Berry, Meridian, Mozart, Mushroom, North, Olive, O’Malley, Oyster, Paul Hollywood, Pepe, Phoebe Bridgers, Pocket Watch, Pirate, Presley, Pumpkin, Roger, Saturn, Solarus, South, Spiffy, Time Piece, Today, Vance,  Winky, Yesterday, Zucchini

Dogs that were adopted:

Athena, Avery, Beleram, Bentley Jet, Cleo, Elijah, Fiona, Ham, Hijinx, Lil Woozie, Molly, Natasha, Prue, Rockette, Shark Boy, Sofia, Timber, Waffle, Yogurt

We Were Adopted! August 15th-21st!

Long stay Kiki found happiness, and so did 64 other pets this week!

Our girl Kiki came into our care in May of 2022 with a litter of four kittens. It didn’t take long for those kittens to get adopted as soon as they became available, but with Kiki’s timid personality and love of all things not human, she had a harder time making connections.

Two weeks ago, someone came in wanting to adopt a “working cat” to help with rodents and all those unwanted critters that show up. One of our staff members suggested Kiki to her, and she said she needed to talk to her spouse since they had two dogs at home. Well sure enough she came back so excited and adopted Kiki! Kiki is now going to have all the space that she needs, and her new mom finally gets a cat! (One that isn’t too high maintenance but still will come around when she feels like it.)

We want to say thank you to Kiki’s adopter and thank you to everyone who adopted this past week and gave so many pets new homes. Thank you as well to Piedmont Floor Show for being this month’s adoption banner sponsor!

Pets that were adopted August 15th through August 21st.

Cats that were adopted:

Aliyah, Alexander, Aramis, Billy Dunne, Brando, Carlisle, Carolina Reaper Pepper, Corn Hole, Croquet, Devin, Dolan, Espresso, Frodo, Frostie, Herbie, Horseshoe, Hudson, Infinity Chili Pepper, Josephine, Kiki, Lea Michele, Libby, Liberty Belle, Logan, Micro-Tom, Minnie Mouse, Mordecai, Morticia, Perry, Pinky, Polkadot, Poset, Salamander, Samwise, Shilling, Skips, Swan, Tadpole, and Toes.

Dogs that were adopted:

Beamer, Blue, Bonnie, Frank, Grayson, Hazel, Junior, Lyle, Marlin, Mila, Miles, Moose, Naula, Nicolette, Nina, Noelle, Nymeria, Raphael, Theo, and Waffle.

Small Pets that were adopted:

Bobby, Cocoa, Teddy, Theodore, Alfalfa, and Basil.

We Were Adopted!! August 8th-14th.

92 Pets found happiness this week!

Cats and Kittens, oh my!

We all know it’s that time of year, kitten season. If you have been to the Center recently you have probably noticed our growing kitten rooms and hall crate babies. Last week we decided to have a cat and kitten waived fee adoption special over the weekend to try and get some of those little ones a new home, as well as the grown-up feline friends, and boy did you guys show up! 63 cats and kittens found homes during the special!

We also had a few dogs find happiness this past week and we are so happy for them and their new families, too! Sweet Lava Girl who beat parvo was one of those!

We can’t thank the adopters enough for giving all these sweet pets a home. Also thank you to Piedmont Floor Show for being this month’s adoption banner sponsor!

Pets that were adopted August 8th through August 14th.

Cats that were adopted:

Adeline, Allegro, Andonte, Annabelle, Arabella, Ashanti, Autumn, Axolotl. Babs, Baby’s Breath, Bliss, Blossom, Boris, Bourbon, Brandywine, Bubblegum, Bubbles, Buttercup, Cheddar, Chocolate Chip, Constance, Coraline, Dapper, Duroc, Ella, Euro, Firecracker, Frostine, Gascon, George, Gouda, Hawkgirl, Ikora, Jazz, Kenickie, Kirk, KitKat, Kumiko, Kune Kune, Landergan, Larson, Lazlo, Magpie, Mangalica, Margaret, Mozzarella, oatmeal, Officer BigMac, Parmesan, Party Popper, Passion, Pastel, Peyton, Polliwog, Ponyo, Rainbow, Reno, Ridley, Rizzo, Rum, Sesame, Shuri, Sparkler, Squash, Stinger, Stone, Tempo, Thimbleweed, Toph, Turkey, Twix, Usher, Viola, Vodka, Wasabi, Whiskey, Wisteria, Yahtzee, Yen, Yoshie, and Zoe.

Dogs that were adopted:

Cinder, Cleo, Coffee, Dory, Jasper, Kimiko, Lava Girl, Lunet, Midnight, Omelette, and Toast.

Did you know? It’s easy to foster at the Lynchburg Humane Society!

Author: Miranda Ward, Community Pet Coordinator

Fostering a Cat or Dog in Lynchburg, Virginia

"Did you know" Lynchburg Humane Society logo, a green dog icon that has a confused head tilt

The Lynchburg Humane Society serves upwards of 10,000 pets each year, including the operations of our Center for Pets, our Spay/Neuter Clinic, our rehoming services, and our lost pet services. Did you know that around 2,000 of these pets are underage kittens and puppies? This is where our foster team and our amazing community of volunteer foster families comes in!

We are always searching to grow our foster community in order to help further our life-saving mission. Here are some FAQs about fostering if you’ve been thinking about getting started!

How do I become a foster?

A: You start by applying here. Once we’ve received and approved your application, you’ll receive an onboarding email from us teaching you how to join our foster Facebook page which is the best place to learn about fosterable pets. You can also send us an email at [email protected] and ask which pets are available for a match.

How much does it cost to foster a pet?

A: Nothing! Fostering is completely free. LHS provides all of the supplies, medication, and equipment it takes to care for your foster pet. We also provide all of their medical care right here at the Center for Pets with our wonderful Medical Team. You are never obligated to buy or pay for anything.

Where do the food and supplies come from for the foster program?

A: We receive a lot of our supplies from in-kind donations from our generous community! When a community member’s pet switches food, has too many toys, or blankets, they often will drop them off here to help our lost and homeless pets at LHS. LHS also buys hundreds of cans of wet food and upwards of 10-20 bags of dry food per week which is possible because of our wonderful supportive community of donors. 

Do you only need fosters for kittens?

A: Nope! We offer different kinds of placements for all sorts of pets. We need lots of kitten fosters for sure, but we’re also always looking for foster families for pregnant and nursing cats and dogs, puppies, and adult cats and dogs (and the occasional rabbit, guinea pig, ferret, or other small pet!) 

How long do I keep a foster pet?

A: It depends! If you want a shorter term placement, we offer emergency one night foster placements for pets that come in that are too small to stay by themselves in the center overnight. The next shortest term is a program called Tutoring for adult dogs to get out for a weekend and relax! After that, there are underage kittens or medical kittens that may only need care for a week or two. If you want to keep a pet for a long time, underage pets like neonates have an average stay of 3-8 weeks. Pregnant and nursing pets have an average stay in foster of 2-3 months. If you just can’t bear the thought of giving a pet back once you take them home, we also offer long term hospice fostering, which is a great way to give back, especially for people who would be interested in adopting but may not be able to afford the cost of care for medically complicated or senior pets. If you’re more of a go with the flow type, some of our medical and behavioral cases have no set limit and are just in foster until they are ready for adoption!

What do I have to do?

A: To foster, you need a place to keep the pet isolated from any resident pets. We often provide playpens and crates to help with this, but bathrooms and walk in closets work great for small pets like kittens. You just have to feed them, love them, play with them, keep them and their space clean, and come back for appointments as needed! 

Become a foster at the Lynchburg Humane Society!

If this blog encouraged you to apply, let us know in the notes on your application! We are excited to welcome you into the foster community and have you join us in this fulfilling mission to help save and care for our neediest pets. 

We Were Adopted! August 1st-7th.

55 pets found happiness this week! One of those being one of our longest stay cats, Kitty!

Kitty came into our care July of last year.

She is a delightful feline known for her friendly and affectionate nature. Whether it’s the end of a busy day or the start of a new morning, Kitty will shower you with love and purrs, making you feel cherished and appreciated.

One of Kitty’s most endearing qualities is her ability to communicate through gentle chirps. If she hasn’t seen you in a while, she’ll express her excitement and happiness through these adorable sounds, letting you know just how much she missed you.

After a long wait, Kitty finally found her match! We are so happy for Kitty and her new family! We want to thank Kristen Hurley for sponsoring part of Kitty’s adoption fee, thank you to all of the adopters that came in this past week and gave so may pets new homes, and to Piedmont Floor Show for being this month’s adoption banner sponsor!

Pets that were adopted August 1st through August 7th.

Cats that were adopted:

Adagio, Bernie, Bill, Bingley, Button, C.T., Cheese Bee, Clara, Daenerys, Davey, Dexter, Florence, Frodo, Hei Hei, Hoover, Jane, Janet, Juliet, Kitty, Lago, Latte, Lucky Charms, Moana, Naga Viper Pepper, Palmer, Parker, Pocus, Presto, Rubble, Samwise, Schnapps, Selene, Tequila, and Zapper.

Dogs that were adopted:

Annie, Bailey, Billy, Calvin, Dos, Fred Flintstone, Frenchy, Freya, Hughie, Luca, Lucille, Molly, Moon, Nelson, Odin, Reeko, Roberta, Romeo, Teo, and Zodiac.