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043Care Sponsorships

The average cost of the stay of each pet at the humane society is about $150. This includes feeding, cleaning, vaccinations, and spay/neuter. Please consider sponsoring a pet’s care today.

Click on the links below to see our available cats and dogs. Choose the pet you would like to sponsor and note it on your donation. If you do not have a preference, we can pick one for you.

Pick a dog to sponsor
Pick a cat to sponsor

Click here to donate by sponsoring a pet’s care

Boost a pet on social media.

Sponsoring or “boosting” social media posts has been proven to be extremely effective in spreading their stories far and wide. Something as small as $20 can increase interaction by 100 people, and something as big as $100 can increase interactions by thousands. The money you donate towards a “boost” does go to Facebook, however if you wish to make a separate donation to LHS you are more than welcome to.

Boost a pet on social media

Sponsor Medical Care

Many of the lost and abandoned pets come to us needing medical rehabilitation. In an effort to help these pets, we have started a Second Chance Fund. This fund will help give pets the medical care they deserve and will help us keep those in our care from getting sick. All money donated will go toward vaccines, testing, veterinary care, and treating medical cases such as upper respiratory infections, mange, hit-by-car injuries, and more. We currently have very little to assist us in medical care and we need this money to save the lives of the sick and injured we see on a daily basis. We want to save more lives and we cannot do it without your help. Please specify on your donation the “Second Chance Fund”.


  • Vaccinate 1 pet: $10
  • Medication for 10 days of Upper Respiratory Infection in a cat: $10
  • FIV/Felv test for 1 cat: $17
  • Diagnostic Bloodwork: $35
  • Pay for 1 vet exam: $47
  • Remove an eye damaged by herpes: $100
  • Hospitalization for 2 days: $113
  • Mass Diagnostics: $130
  • Wound repair/care: $200
  • Parvo Virus Treatment for 1 dog: $250
  • Diagnose and treat pneumonia: $400
  • Repair a broken limb: $500
  • Treatment and hospitalization for a hit by a car dog/cat: $1,000

Click here to help pets’ medical care

Sponsor Spay/Neuter

The South Central Spay/Neuter Clinic offers high-quality, low cost spay/neuter services. We also offer no-fee or reduced price surgeries for those who qualify when we have the funding available. Sponsor the spay/neuter of a shelter pet or one for someone who cannot afford it. Help the animals in our community by donating today. Please specify, “Spay/Neuter Fund” on your donation.

Sponsor one or many of the following:

  • Vaccines: $15
  • Cat Spay/Neuter: $55
  • Male Dog Neuter: $99
  • Female Dog Spay: $109
  • Spay/neuter 10 feral cats: $550

Donate here to help with spay/neuter

3 ways to donate:

By mail: 1211 Old Graves Mill Road, Lynchburg VA  24502
Online: click here to donate online
In person: visit the Lynchburg Humane Society