I found a dog, now what?

We understand it can be overwhelming when finding a pet. You know little to nothing about them and you want to make sure they are safe and taken care of. Well, we would be happy to help assist you with what to do! YOU actually have the greatest chance of finding the parents of this lost pet! Even though we try our hardest to keep our center an stress-free environment, your home would be much less stressful and would be a great intermediate location until the pet’s family is found.  We can provide you with what you need to keep the pet until he/she is reunited with their family, and in the meantime, we will post the pet on our website and Social Media.  

The Lynchburg Humane Society can only accept lost pets found in the City of Lynchburg. This allows owners the opportunity to find their animals in the county where they live and where they were lost. If you find a lost pet, please take it to the animal control facility in the county where it was found.

When you find a lost pet, you have a couple of choices and decisions to make. We suggest you check out the following information and do what you feel is right for your situation:

Dogs can get loose for a lot of reasons. A lost pet may be lost for weeks or  even months, so they may look a little skinnier or more unkempt then normal. It is good to assume that this pet is lost versus a mistreated. The pet’s family may be desperately trying to find him and just have not been able to.

Follow these steps if you have found a dog:

  • Please complete this form if you FOUND a pet.
  • Click here to see if the pet you have found has been reported missing to LHS by their owner
    Put a photo of the found pet on Petco Love Lost, a facial recognition program by Petco that helps reunite lost pets with their families.
  • Take it to social media. Someone may know who the pet is. Try posting on  Lynchburg VA- Lost Dogs, Cats, & Pets  and Lost & Found Pets of the Lynchburg Area.
  • Check with your neighbors and your neighborhood! Most found dogs are within 2 miles of their home. 
  • Take the pet to the closest veterinarian or shelter to be microchip scanned. 
  • Put up flyers in your neighborhood and surrounding areas to let the person looking know that you found their lost pet.
  • Call the Lynchburg Humane Society and other neighboring animal control agencies and report that you found a lost pet. Give a thorough description and someone will contact you if they receive a call reporting a lost pet with the same description. To help, you can keep the pet until the owner is found.  This keeps them out of the shelter and allows us to help other pets who do not have another option.  

If you find an injured lost pet after hours:

  • City of Lynchburg,  call Lynchburg Animal Control at 434-847-1602

Keep your pet safe! Microchip your pet – we offer public microchipping weekdays from 4pm to 5pm for $25.