Pet Cremation Services

End of Life Services                   

For many years the Lynchburg Humane Society has provided professional low cost euthanasia services to the public for $50. Now in an effort to continue to serve the community we are offering low cost cremation services. As pet owners we know how special pets are and when they pass from our lives it is just as important to have a part of them with you. That is why we are providing this service at a much lower cost with the same professional care. Everyone should be able to have a keepsake of their beloved pet.

Private Cremation (private remains returned in decorative tin)

  • $125 for a dog/cat
  • $75 for rabbit
  • $50 pocket pet/bird

Representative (remains returned in a decorative tin, your pet’s ashes along with others)

  • $65 for a dog/cat
  • $50 for all others

General Disposal Fees (do not get remains back)

  • $50

We accept cremation clients from 11-5:00 pm Monday – Friday and 11-4:30 pm Saturday and Sunday. For more information please contact us at: 434-448-0088 ext. 100 or email [email protected].