Giving Up Your Pet

2881001822_a3a133a697Before giving up your pet to the Lynchburg Humane Society please try the following:

  • Reach out to friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors to see if anyone might be interested in your pet. Email everyone you know and ask them to pass on the email to others. This may not be easy to let others know that you need to re-home your pet but a shelter is not the best place for you pet, the best thing for your animal is going from your home to another.
  • Post a picture with a description of your pet on craigs list, local bulletine boards at pet stores or vet offices, on our website where available pets are posted. Just email us with the information and we will do a courtesy posting for you on Petfinder and our website directing people to contact you about your pet.
  • If you would like you may use our adoptions forms: DOG  CAT:  to screen potential families.
  • If you are having behavior problems please see our behavior problem page and consult one of the area trainers or veterinarians.
  • If you are needing to surrender a litter of kittens or puppies, please take the time to get your female fixed so you don not end up with more in a number of months.
  • If you have a feral cat problem, please take a look at our flyers with information on how to deal with this issue. Ferals: thanks but no thanks and Ferals: how to be part of the solution.

If after all this you still need to bring us your pet

Lynchburg Humane Society takes pets from owners by appointment between 10-4 each day. This ensures that you are given the time and attention you deserve and we have the space and accommodations your pet deserves. It is a tiny price to pay to wait a little bit to save a life. By waiting, you are helping by being part of the solution and allowing us to not to have to euthanize for space purposes. Please work with us and communicate openly, if you cannot wait then be honest, we know life happens waiting is not always an option, but if you can it could make a world of difference. To make an appointment please contact our admissions department at 434-448-0088.

Please bring with you to your appointment:

  • Download and fill out the owner surrender form, and either a dog behavior profile or cat behavior profile form.
  • All veterinary records
  • Any medications your pet is taking
  • Any special toys, beds or other belongings from home
  • Your continuing care fee:
    • $20 – for adult pets
    • $40 – for litters of puppies/kittens. We will waive the fee if you make an appointment for the mother to get fixed.

STOP– If you live in Lynchburg city you must bring your pet to us. If you think it is just easier to drop your pet at another shelter please reconsider and communicate with us before you decide to take your pet to another county such as Danville, Campbell, Amherst or Bedford. Be educated, you should know what their euthanasia rates are. Click here to go to the State Vets site of statistical reporting for all the animal groups in the state.

Please communicate with us openly and we can work with you even it if is because you cannot wait or you cannot pay for the continuing care fee. We can work it out so that your pet has a good chance of finding a new home.