We Were Adopted! July 2nd – July 8th.

Banjo and 67 of his friends found happiness this week!

Sweet Banjo came into our care back in February of this year and the staff and volunteers quickly fell in love with him. A volunteer left a sweet note that we feel sums him up perfectly. She said, “Banjo is such a sweet, gentle soul. He navigates his space quite well for a blind dog. He is easily guided by the sound of your voice. He enjoys sniffing around outside and “tasting” the smells. The sweetest boy.”

Banjo got to spend time out of the Center with a couple different fosters who loved him just as much as we do. One of his foster moms said that his favorite activity is sunbathing on the front porch and that he enjoyed the company of her dogs.

Last Monday Banjo went on an adoption trial with an amazing couple, and they decided to finalize the adoption and make Banjo a permanent part of their family yesterday! He is already being extremely spoiled in his new home and we are so happy for him.

Thank you to everyone who adopted this weekend giving so many deserving pets a second chance at happiness! Yesterday our adoption special with BISSELL Pet Foundation started and 17 of the pets, including Banjo, found happiness the first day of this special! Thank you, Bissell for making adoptions like this possible! Thank you also to Calaeb’s Canines, who are sponsoring 18 dog adoptions this week, in hopes of finding them new families! 6 down, 12 to go!

Check out who else found happiness below!

Pets that were adopted July 2nd through July 8th.

Cats that were adopted:

Amethyst, Amy Rose, Arman, Arwen, Baby Sarah, Basil, Beefsteak, Camile, Chapel, Cher, Cherry, Ciara, Claire Annette, Dean, Dill Weed, Dover, Evie, Ferris, Gerti, Gibson, Goddall, Hattie, Henson, Hudson, Hymnal, Journet, Juniper, Lili, Make, Mark Anthony, Midna, Moneymaker, Moon Tea, Navi, Nutmeg, Oshi, Oxford, Papa Greg, Pierre, Platypus, Reina, Samosa, Sinatra, Sprinkle, Steeple, Toronto, Vanilla, Vivian, and Waffles.

Dogs that were adopted:

Aiden, Angie, Banjo, Belle, Bonzai, Cedar, Chip, Cornelius, Daniel, Frosty, Hans, Jewel, Jinx, Memphis, Pansy, Petey, Sasquatch, and Scooby.