We Were Adopted! March 12th-18th!

Kylie and 45 of her friends found happiness this week!

Sweet Kylie came into our care last back in September of 2023. Though she really loved her LHS buddies, new faces sometimes made her nervous. She spent time in our cat towers, but then one day we decided to try her in one of cat rooms to see if it would help her open up more, and it worked! Through the confidence of her fellow feline companions, she got more trusting and comfortable with humans. We learned that she loves being pet on her head and under her chin the most.

Kylie was doing so well opening up, but still wasn’t getting much attention here at the Center so we decided to try her out over at our Petco location earlier this month. Kylie had some luck on her side, because she was adopted Sunday on St. Patrick’s Day! Her new family were so smitten with Kylie and couldn’t wait to take her home. To Kylie, her new family was worth the wait.

We are so happy for Kylie and all of her friends here at the Center who found happiness with new families to call their own! Thank you to everyone who adopted and thank you to Select Bank for making it possible for people and pets to Find Happiness!

Check out who all found happiness below!

Pets that were adopted March 12th through March 18th.

Cats that were adopted:

Atom, Barbie, Biggin’, Billy Bob Joe, Clif, Cobalt, Cody, Creamsicle, Electron, Fauna, Felix, Jelly, Jenna, Jennie Lynn, Jethro, Jewel, Kylie, Licorice, Marmalade, Neutron, Oliver, Onyx, Patches, Snow Bro, Tangerine, Throne, Toto, and Wisteria.

Dogs that were adopted:

Bamboo, Chip, Doreen, Grace, Honey, Judo, Macaruff, Muffin, Radley, Rylo, Simon, Suki, Timber, Urchin, Winnie, Winton, and Wishbone.