We Were Adopted! March 26th – April 1st

Kano and 45 of his friends found happiness this week!

Sweet Kano came into our care back in December and quickly stole the hearts of many staff members. This photogenic boy always had sweet things being said about him after walks. Staff found out that he absolutely loves playing in water, fetch is the best game, and that he wants nothing more than to be a lap dog. He got to go on multiple petcations with staff and members of the public and did great on those as well!

On Friday we finally got to say congratulations and goodbye to Kano! He is now in a home with a loving new family who can’t wait to spoil him rotten. We are so excited for this sweet boy and his new family and can’t wait to hear about all of his future adventures.

We want to say thank you to everyone who adopted this past week giving so many pets a new family and home. Thank you also to Select Bank for making it possible for people and pets to Find Happiness! Check out who else found happiness below!

Pets who were adopted March 26th through April 1st.

Cats that were adopted:

Amethyst, Apollo, Atticus, Cleo, Kitty Fairy, Mascarpone, Milo, Mimi, New Kid on the Block, Pip, Rosy, Shepherd, Sorcerer, Sushi, Tagalong, Thin Mint, Usher, Waffle McGee, and Wash.

Dogs that were adopted:

Aiden, Chocopup Cup, Cinema, Cowgirl, Darla, Driftwood, Evee, Gilly, Ivory, Kano, Kenny, Lemmy, Lil Bit, Minnow, Opie, Pendant, Percy, Quill, Reuben, Ringling, Sanctuary, Theater, Toby, Trinket, Urban, Venue, and Violet.