Foster Portal: Your Space for Foster Resouces!

We provide the pet; you provide the love, space, and attention!

Foster parents are an important part of our mission and ultimate goal to reach a place where all savable pets are given the medical and behavioral care they need to be placed in loving homes.

We want to equip you and the pets for sucess! We have gathered all kinds of resources for you to read, watch, quiz and learn! 

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Kitten Warriors: All things KITTENS! 

LHS -Kitten Warrior Packet 2019

LHS- Pregnant Cat & Birthing Quick Sheet

LHS –Common Illnesses (and how to manage them)

Maddie’s Fund- Orphan Kitten Care Course Videos  &  Quiz

Maddie’s Fund- Fostering and Socializing Unsocial Kittens Course

Maddie’s Fund- Orphaned Kitten Physical Exam (normal vs abnormal body conditions)

APA-Best Bottle Kitten Weight & Feeding Chart 

Catology Webinar Series with Royal Canin

Kitten Lady- Instructional Videos Playlist 

Kitten Lady- Feral Kitten Playlist

Video Example of Syringe Feeding Formula

Puppy Crusaders: Your go-to Puppy resouces

LHS -Puppy Crusader Packet

LHS -Dog Pregnacy & Birthing Quick Sheet

Puppy Socialization Checklist 

Afraid of being a “Foster Failure?”

Guide to Getting Your Foster Adopted

Webinars Provided by nationally recognized organizations

Million Cat Challenge Webinars

Catology Webinar Series with Royal Canin

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