I found a kitten(s), now what?

What to do if you find a kitten — If you find a young kitten, the mom is usually close by. Contact us for advice on how to care for the kittens and find the mother so she can be fixed and you don’t find more kittens in the future. If you can foster the kittens until they are old enough, we can certainly give you supplies. The best place for kittens that are under 8 weeks is in a home because they are so fragile and have not developed their immune systems yet and are very susceptible to illness in a shelter environment. If you truly want to help kittens, allow them time to get older and that way they can stay healthy and get a new home more quickly. As always, if the kitten(s) are sick or injured bring them to the center right away. 

If you find an injured lost pet after hours:

  • City of Lynchburg,  call Lynchburg Animal Control at 434-847-1602

Keep your pet safe! Microchip your pet – we offer public microchipping weekdays from 4pm to 5pm for $25.