Did you know? The Lynchburg Humane Society has a Community Pet Food Pantry

"Did you know" Lynchburg Humane Society logo, a green dog icon that has a confused head tilt

LHS’s Cat and Dog Food Pantry

Did you know that the Lynchburg Humane Society runs a Community Pet Food Pantry? The Lynchburg Humane Society Community Pet Food Pantry helps provide our community’s pets with food when circumstances might leave them without it. Our Pet Food Pantry is a lifesaving program that wouldn’t be possible without donations from community members and businesses!

To keep the lost and homeless pets that are cared for by LHS’s diets consistent, we only feed them Hills Science Diet products. All other cat and dog food donations help supply our Community Pet Pantry or the occasional special diet pet! Right now our shelves are low on cat food and we need your help filling them up.

How to get free pet food if you need help

Community members that need help feeding their pets can stop by the Center for Pets during open hours and talk to our staff at the desk about the program. Pets and families in need can come by up to once a month to get food for their pets. 

How to get involved with the Community Pet Food Pantry

Help us help our community by donating any extra cat or dog food you might have lying around today! We take new or used bags (must be in original packaging) of food and you can drop them off in the donation carts at our front entrance!

You can also volunteer to help with the Community Pet Food Pantry by helping us keep it organized and labeled! Interested volunteers can sign up here.

For more information on our lifesaving programs to keep pets in their homes you can visit the Services tab of our website or reach out to [email protected].