We Were Adopted! February 13th – 19th.

Love at last! Long stays Charleigh, Grilled Cheese, Lucky, Mercy, Mufasa, and 53 of their friends found happiness this week!

Charleigh and her new mom!
Lucky and Mercy going home!

Last week we held an adoption special where 25 of our longest stay dogs had their adoption fees waived in hopes of finding a new family for Valentine’s Day. In total, 9 of our 25 longest stay dogs were either adopted or sent on trial over the course of 5 days. This is SO impressive considering some of these dogs haven’t had visitors in months, and many of these matches consisted of multiple meets and greets with various dogs. What a success! Our adoptions team was hard at work finding the perfect matches for each pet.

In a small recap: Charleigh’s new mom said it was love at first sight, Lucky and Mercy’s superstar foster mom officially added them to her family, Grilled Cheese couldn’t wait to go home and lounge around with his new family, and Mufasa was reunited with his previous owner! So many happy endings for some of the greatest pups.

Grilled Cheese and his mom couldn’t be happier!
Mufasa was reunited with his previous owner!

We want to thank everyone who came in and adopted, giving so many pets new homes. (dogs, cats, and hamsters!) Thank you to Select Bank for making it possible for people and pets to Find Happiness! Check out who else got adopted below!

Pets that were adopted February 13th through February 19th.

Cats that were adopted:

Caisley, Calvin, Charmander, Charmer, Drake, Earl, Eldritch, Jynx, Livia Soprano, Magma, Masquerade, Monica Gellar, Petrie, Polar Express, Sapphire, Shamu, Spiderwood, Squid, Squish, and Vulpix.

Dogs that were adopted:

Angie, Bodhi, Bodie, Bouncer, Brownie Sundae, Buffy, Camilla the Chicken, Cannonball, Charleigh, Cheddar, Chester, Diesel, Doug, Duchess, Fortune, Grilled Cheese, Henry, Kandie, Lennox, Lucky, Mack, Mercy, Mini Pearl, Mufasa, Nellie, Oxanna, Rascal, Reggie, Ringling, Sandy, Scooper, Stilts, Sylvie, Theo, and Yodel.

Small Pets that were adopted:

Foo Foo and Hamela Hamderson.

We Were Adopted! February 6th-12th.

Levi and 45 of his friends found happiness this week!

Levi originally came into our care back in 2021. Levi had a hard time finding his perfect humans for a whole year until finally the right ones came in and adopted him in the summer of 2022. Unfortunately, as we all know life happens and due to some unforeseen circumstances, his family had to surrender him back to us a year later. They were completely heartbroken that they had to leave this sweet boy here while they figured things out and had hopes that once they were back on their feet, they could adopt Levi back if he hadn’t found a new home in-between.

Thursday of last week was that day! They came in and adopted Levi back! Levi has struggled so much in every home that he went into but theirs and we are so happy that they were able to adopt their boy and take him home. We truly believe they are his forever family.

We want to say thank you to everyone who adopted giving so many pets new homes. Thank you to Select Bank for making it possible for people and pets to Find Happiness! Check out who else got adopted below!

Pets that were adopted February 6th through February 12th.

Cats that were adopted:

Bagel, Bart, Birch, Dibs, Disney, Elsie, Ivy, Kyoto, Mama Rose, Pauly Walnuts, Pirate, Rain, Shamrock, Silvio Dante, Speedster, Stitch, Tony Soprano, Valiente, and Velocity.

Dogs that were adopted:

Agnes, Annie Sue Pig, Autumn, Bean, Bellamy, Berry, Blake, Brutus, Cali, Clove, Cosmo, Daredevil, Elf, Fern, Hennessy, Henry V, Levi, Maple, Nutmeg, Paw Humbug, Pie, PomPom, Queenie, Rosa, Sadie Rae, Snifferdoodle, Trapeze, and Yoshi.

We Were Adopted! January 30th – February 5th.

Jack Be Little and 30 of his friends found happiness this week!

Jack Be Little has had a rough life, as he came into our care back in October as a lost pet with a severe eye infection. Since being in our care, our wonderful Medical Team performed lifesaving surgery, removing the infected eye and Jack is doing so much better. As he recovered from surgery, Jack lounged around with other cats and dogs in his LHS foster home and did great. Jack’s fosters said that he was slow to warm up to humans but loved his foster siblings so much.

Jack graduated from foster almost two weeks ago and hung out in our backyard room with new friends until he was adopted on Sunday! He also went home with a sister! They adopted both him and Catty Underwood. We are so happy for Jack, Catty, and their new family.

Thank you to everyone who adopted this week giving so many pets new homes. Check out who else was adopted below!

Pets that were adopted January 30th through February 5th.

Cats that were adopted:

Anna, Catty Underwood, Earl, Elsa, Fearless, Jack Be Little, Kristoff, Marigold, Mcgee, Mizumi, Olaf, Orange Pop, Pancake, Rascal Catts, Sven, Taylor’s Version, Waffles, and Willowdean.

Dogs that were adopted:

Brutus, Bryce, Cora, Flora, Helena, Lennox, Melissa Duck, Nibbs, Rascal, Reece, Rex, Riley, and Vinnie.

We Were Adopted! January 23rd-29th.

Splenda and 41 of her friends found happiness this week!

Splenda came into our care as a lost pet back in November. It didn’t take long for the staff to fall in love with her sweet and gentle personality. Splenda’s favorite time of day was when her staff and volunteer buddies would come and take her for walks. She got to get all the cuddles in and there is nothing she loves more.

At the beginning of last week, we had someone reach out about Splenda! They weren’t going to be able to come in until the end of the week to take her home and spent all week watching our website making sure she was still available. Friday afternoon they came and took Splenda on an overnight trial to see how she fit into the family, and it wasn’t long until they realized that she was the sweet mix that they were missing. They decided to adopt Splenda and make her a part of their family! We are so excited for Splenda and her new family and all the adventures they are going to have together!

Thank you to everyone who adopted this week giving so many pets new homes. Check out who else was adopted below!

Pets that were adopted January 23rd through January 29th.

Cats that were adopted:

Affogato, Aidan, Allen, Appalachia, Apple, Candy Corn, Carmella Soprano, Cutito, Eddison, Einstein, Folklore, Hazelnut, Hugh, Iris, Leiya, Luke, Nutmeg, Otter River, Queen Coconut, tackle, Taz, Wilfredo, Wool, and Wyland.

Dogs that were adopted:

Daffy Duck, Daisy, Elf, Elijah, Elsa, Fable, Lola Bunny, Malvo, Melissa Duck, Mimi, Odette, Puptart, Ruger, Sabrina, Sky, Splenda, Thor, and Winston.

We Were Adopted! January 16th-22nd!

Nicole Kidman and 42 other pets found happiness this week!

Everyone’s favorite star, Nicole Kidman, was adopted this week! Sweet Nicole had been with us since 2021. Nicole had a few medical concerns when she came into our care. She was a bit overweight and started to overgroom her stomach, which led her to always needing to wear a cone. She didn’t let her troubles get her down though! Nicole loved greeting everyone who stopped to say hello. She spent a good majority of her time in and out of foster care while waiting to be adopted.

Nicole left for foster for her last time back in November! Her foster parent decided to make Nicole a permanent part of the family! We are so happy for Nicole, her new family, and for all the other pets who found new homes!

Check out below who else found happiness this week!

Pets that were adopted January 16th through January 22nd.

Cats that were adopted:

Anton, Bunny, Catrina, Chloe, Corbin, Dixon, Empire, Fern Gully, Flubber, Fusion, Majestic, McIntosh, MooMoo, Nicole Kidman, Nixon, Nobleness, Noel, Patch Adams, Sonic, Stereo, Sunfyre, Superman, Tiny Tim, Twiggy, Ziggy, and Ziti.

Dogs that were adopted:

Angie, Archie, Bjorn, Bugs Bunny, Chance, Jelly Bean, Lester, Nicholas, Oso, Oswald, Oxanna, Showkey, Sully, Toad, Toby, Wile E Coyote, and Zeke.