We Were Adopted! August 15th-21st!

Long stay Kiki found happiness, and so did 64 other pets this week!

Our girl Kiki came into our care in May of 2022 with a litter of four kittens. It didn’t take long for those kittens to get adopted as soon as they became available, but with Kiki’s timid personality and love of all things not human, she had a harder time making connections.

Two weeks ago, someone came in wanting to adopt a “working cat” to help with rodents and all those unwanted critters that show up. One of our staff members suggested Kiki to her, and she said she needed to talk to her spouse since they had two dogs at home. Well sure enough she came back so excited and adopted Kiki! Kiki is now going to have all the space that she needs, and her new mom finally gets a cat! (One that isn’t too high maintenance but still will come around when she feels like it.)

We want to say thank you to Kiki’s adopter and thank you to everyone who adopted this past week and gave so many pets new homes. Thank you as well to Piedmont Floor Show for being this month’s adoption banner sponsor!

Pets that were adopted August 15th through August 21st.

Cats that were adopted:

Aliyah, Alexander, Aramis, Billy Dunne, Brando, Carlisle, Carolina Reaper Pepper, Corn Hole, Croquet, Devin, Dolan, Espresso, Frodo, Frostie, Herbie, Horseshoe, Hudson, Infinity Chili Pepper, Josephine, Kiki, Lea Michele, Libby, Liberty Belle, Logan, Micro-Tom, Minnie Mouse, Mordecai, Morticia, Perry, Pinky, Polkadot, Poset, Salamander, Samwise, Shilling, Skips, Swan, Tadpole, and Toes.

Dogs that were adopted:

Beamer, Blue, Bonnie, Frank, Grayson, Hazel, Junior, Lyle, Marlin, Mila, Miles, Moose, Naula, Nicolette, Nina, Noelle, Nymeria, Raphael, Theo, and Waffle.

Small Pets that were adopted:

Bobby, Cocoa, Teddy, Theodore, Alfalfa, and Basil.