We Were Adopted! February 13th – 19th.

Love at last! Long stays Charleigh, Grilled Cheese, Lucky, Mercy, Mufasa, and 53 of their friends found happiness this week!

Charleigh and her new mom!
Lucky and Mercy going home!

Last week we held an adoption special where 25 of our longest stay dogs had their adoption fees waived in hopes of finding a new family for Valentine’s Day. In total, 9 of our 25 longest stay dogs were either adopted or sent on trial over the course of 5 days. This is SO impressive considering some of these dogs haven’t had visitors in months, and many of these matches consisted of multiple meets and greets with various dogs. What a success! Our adoptions team was hard at work finding the perfect matches for each pet.

In a small recap: Charleigh’s new mom said it was love at first sight, Lucky and Mercy’s superstar foster mom officially added them to her family, Grilled Cheese couldn’t wait to go home and lounge around with his new family, and Mufasa was reunited with his previous owner! So many happy endings for some of the greatest pups.

Grilled Cheese and his mom couldn’t be happier!
Mufasa was reunited with his previous owner!

We want to thank everyone who came in and adopted, giving so many pets new homes. (dogs, cats, and hamsters!) Thank you to Select Bank for making it possible for people and pets to Find Happiness! Check out who else got adopted below!

Pets that were adopted February 13th through February 19th.

Cats that were adopted:

Caisley, Calvin, Charmander, Charmer, Drake, Earl, Eldritch, Jynx, Livia Soprano, Magma, Masquerade, Monica Gellar, Petrie, Polar Express, Sapphire, Shamu, Spiderwood, Squid, Squish, and Vulpix.

Dogs that were adopted:

Angie, Bodhi, Bodie, Bouncer, Brownie Sundae, Buffy, Camilla the Chicken, Cannonball, Charleigh, Cheddar, Chester, Diesel, Doug, Duchess, Fortune, Grilled Cheese, Henry, Kandie, Lennox, Lucky, Mack, Mercy, Mini Pearl, Mufasa, Nellie, Oxanna, Rascal, Reggie, Ringling, Sandy, Scooper, Stilts, Sylvie, Theo, and Yodel.

Small Pets that were adopted:

Foo Foo and Hamela Hamderson.