We Were Adopted! February 21st-27th.

Tator Tot and 64 other Pets found Happiness!

Every time a pet comes through our doors, we are ready to jump in and provide whatever we need to do for them. Some need more help than others. And some bring us to tears…this was the case with Tater Tot when we first saw him. This 10-month-old Great Pyrenees pup was severely emaciated, weighing just under 30 pounds. He also suffered from fleas, hair loss, sores, and a muscle-wasted body. Being muscle-wasted caused him to not have much strength to stand or walk and is likely caused by not being able to exercise while growing. Upon intake, Tater Tot received immediate care including the beginning of a strict meal plan and diet, immunizations, and collections for tests to diagnose possible parasites. He was loved on by many staff members while he was here (pictured left with Medical Team member Hannah and right with Adoption counselor Mack) and our very own Dr. Dunn decided to take Tator Tot home as a foster pet as well to help him get better.

Flash forward into that fostering and we had a complete “foster fail”! Tater Tot was adopted by our very own, wonderful, Dr. Dunn this week and he is doing AMAZING! He is making many new friends – the resident pets and a sweet human baby as you can see in the updated picture we got. He has gained 13 pounds since being in our care and is getting stronger every day. Tater Tot went from barely being able to stand to being able to run! Thank you so much to our wonderful pet-loving community for rallying behind Tater Tot and supporting his care and treatment.

Dr. Dunn said he will start training classes in March and is officially in love with her human baby and the baby loves him too.

and as always, we want to thank Beacon Credit Union for Sponsoring this month’s adoption banner!

Adopted Pets from February 21st through February 27th.

Cats that were adopted:

Aloha, Amore, Boeing, Candy Corn, Carrot, Charity, Charlie, Ebony, Elastigirl, Elia, Fig, Frostine, Gumbo Greg, Iron, Jambalaya Jessica, Jem, Kitty Pryde, Mako, Maria, Malfoy, Meh, Mond, Much Ado, Phoenix, Po’Boy Paul, Pyrite, Si, Tatooine, Toasted Marshmallow, Treasure, Valentine, and Wheezy

Dogs that were adopted:

Allison, Baxter, Bear, Bria, Bruno, Collie, Crowley, Daisy, Daisy Mae, Dusty, Fruity Pebbles, Harlem, Herbie, Hercules, Hitchhiker, Joanie, Johnny, Kya, Leo, Leona, Lydia, Mario, Petrie, Pinecone, Pleiades, Plymouth, Reese’s Puff, Rob Stark, Slim Jim, Snowfall, Stowaway, and Tator Tot

Small Pets that were adopted: