We Were Adopted! February 27th – March 4th.

Ducky and 41 of his friends found happiness this week!

Ducky came into our care a little over a year ago and in the time that he’s been here with us we have learned so many fun things! We learned how much he loves his doggy friends as much as the human ones. Ducky loves frozen apples with peanut butter. He knows commands like sit, come, and drop it. His favorite toys are anything that squeaks or squawks, and he enjoys car rides and walks around the neighborhood. He got to go on a Petcation recently where he was described as “such a delight and full of love and happiness.” Ducky is really a perfect gentleman!

On Saturday, a family came in looking for a new member to add to their pack, and it didn’t take long for them to fall in love with Ducky. Ducky now has two human siblings, as well as the four-legged ones! We are so happy for Ducky and his new family.

Thank you to everyone who adopted this week giving so many pets new homes! Thank you also to Select Bank for making it possible for people and pets to Find Happiness!

Check out who else got adopted below!

Pets that were adopted February 27th through March 4th.

Cats that were adopted:

Angelica, Aria, Bowie, Jessie Marie, Kai, Leela, Lucy, Marble, Mary J Blige, Mystic, Snowshoes, Stockings, Swiftie, Vahn, Vincent and Zoya.

Dogs that were adopted:

Amora, Amulet, Ashari, Bacardi, Bella, Blue, Chip, Chuckie, Duchess, Ducky, Duke, Edmond Dantes, Hercules, Hope, Kerev, Macaruff, Nightingale, Olive, Pupperbutter, Seafoam, Sloopy, Sloppy Joe, Stormy, Sunni, Tubbs, and Waldo.