We Were Adopted! January 16th-22nd!

Nicole Kidman and 42 other pets found happiness this week!

Everyone’s favorite star, Nicole Kidman, was adopted this week! Sweet Nicole had been with us since 2021. Nicole had a few medical concerns when she came into our care. She was a bit overweight and started to overgroom her stomach, which led her to always needing to wear a cone. She didn’t let her troubles get her down though! Nicole loved greeting everyone who stopped to say hello. She spent a good majority of her time in and out of foster care while waiting to be adopted.

Nicole left for foster for her last time back in November! Her foster parent decided to make Nicole a permanent part of the family! We are so happy for Nicole, her new family, and for all the other pets who found new homes!

Check out below who else found happiness this week!

Pets that were adopted January 16th through January 22nd.

Cats that were adopted:

Anton, Bunny, Catrina, Chloe, Corbin, Dixon, Empire, Fern Gully, Flubber, Fusion, Majestic, McIntosh, MooMoo, Nicole Kidman, Nixon, Nobleness, Noel, Patch Adams, Sonic, Stereo, Sunfyre, Superman, Tiny Tim, Twiggy, Ziggy, and Ziti.

Dogs that were adopted:

Angie, Archie, Bjorn, Bugs Bunny, Chance, Jelly Bean, Lester, Nicholas, Oso, Oswald, Oxanna, Showkey, Sully, Toad, Toby, Wile E Coyote, and Zeke.