We Were Adopted! January 2nd-8th.

Music and 52 of her friends found happiness this week!

Music came into our care in February of last year. This 12-year-old beauty showed signs of stress immediately and was shutting down at the Center within just a few days. While staff did everything we could to make her comfortable, our foster team quickly went to work to find placement for her. It didn’t take long for them to get her into a loving foster home. She went from being a little spicey and shut down to being a lap loving cat who loves cuddles and spending time with their other cats. She has spent the last 10 months with her foster family and returned back to the Center mid-December to quickly be adopted into another loving home!

We are so happy for Music and all the other pets who found happiness this week! Thank you to everyone who adopted! Check out who else was adopted below.

Pets that were adopted January 2nd through January 8th.

Cats that were adopted:

Andonte, Baby Ruth, Barbie, Boombox, Cakey Cat, Chica, Cobweb, Dignity, Elegance, Endeavour, Ferris Wheel, Foxy, Freddy, Hansel, Hippo Honeydew, Jay, Juliet, Lisa, Lynyrd, Magician, Mizu, Mochi, Monty, Music, Nutmeg, Quil, Rizzo, Sarah, Scootch, Stella, Vance, and Winifred.

Dogs that were adopted:

Acacia, Beignet, Bella, Coco, Dolly Parton, Eleven, Eragon, Hazel, Leah, Loretta, Molly, Nelson, Phineas, Rauru, Sebastian, Slim Jim, Snoopy, and Yeah-Yeah.

Small Pets that were adopted: