We were adopted! January 2nd – 9th

Staff favorite dogs Coco and Nemi were adopted this week along with 67 other wonderful pets!

Staff and volunteer favorite dogs Coco and Nemi found their happiness and were adopted this week! As you all know Coco and Nemi have been in our care for quite sometime, but they finally caught the eye of their perfect people.

Coco absolutely adores her new parents. And as you can tell, Nemi is already feeling right at home. It’s always very emotional when our favorite pets go home, but that’s why we what we do!

Thank you so much to both of their adopters, as well as Heather Townley for sponsoring Coco’s adoption fee and Focused Choice Dog Training for sponsoring Nemi’s adoption fee! Thank you so much to our first banner sponsor of 2023 Beacon Credit Union for starting the year off right!

Adopted Pets from January 2nd through January 9th

Cats that were adopted:

Adidas, Anika, Bentley, Billy, Blaze, Callisto, Coral, Cotton, Danny Diaz, Dior, Horchata, Jasper, Josline, Kate Malarkey, Kelp, Kimmie, Lorenzo, Madison, Mani, Manny, Merry, Mr. Crackers, Mrs. Crackers, Nicolas, Nuka, Olga, Pebee, Penny, Puma, Socks, Yankee

Dogs that were adopted:

Abbey, Barb, Bert, Camo, Coco, Dale, Enola, Ernie, Finn, Gaston, Goober, Icelyn, Jester, Kai, Kringle, Lil Lady, Lilly Rose, Linus, Lorena, Lucy, Magnolia, Marcie, Nemi, Peppermint Patty, Pilgrim, Plymouth, Princess, Roxie, Ruby Rose, Ryder, Scoop, Scrappy, Snuggles, Stephen Michael Alden, Subaru, Woodstock, Zara