We Were Adopted! January 30th – February 5th.

Jack Be Little and 30 of his friends found happiness this week!

Jack Be Little has had a rough life, as he came into our care back in October as a lost pet with a severe eye infection. Since being in our care, our wonderful Medical Team performed lifesaving surgery, removing the infected eye and Jack is doing so much better. As he recovered from surgery, Jack lounged around with other cats and dogs in his LHS foster home and did great. Jack’s fosters said that he was slow to warm up to humans but loved his foster siblings so much.

Jack graduated from foster almost two weeks ago and hung out in our backyard room with new friends until he was adopted on Sunday! He also went home with a sister! They adopted both him and Catty Underwood. We are so happy for Jack, Catty, and their new family.

Thank you to everyone who adopted this week giving so many pets new homes. Check out who else was adopted below!

Pets that were adopted January 30th through February 5th.

Cats that were adopted:

Anna, Catty Underwood, Earl, Elsa, Fearless, Jack Be Little, Kristoff, Marigold, Mcgee, Mizumi, Olaf, Orange Pop, Pancake, Rascal Catts, Sven, Taylor’s Version, Waffles, and Willowdean.

Dogs that were adopted:

Brutus, Bryce, Cora, Flora, Helena, Lennox, Melissa Duck, Nibbs, Rascal, Reece, Rex, Riley, and Vinnie.