We Were Adopted January 9th-15th!

Marley and 57 of her friends found happiness this week!

Marley and her two brothers came in as lost kittens in early December. They spent some of their time in foster care getting big and socialized before becoming available for adoption. Her brothers were adopted quickly, but little Marley was still patiently waiting for her person.

Flash forward to this past Friday nights Pawcasso and the magic of love at first sight for Marley and her new mom! As soon as Marley’s new mom and family came into Pawcasso she saw Marley and was smitten. Within minutes she was determined that Marley was coming home with her. A finished painting and an adoption later, Marley was hers! We are so happy for Marley and her new family.

We want to say thank you to everyone who came in and adopted this past week giving so many pets new homes. Check out who all was adopted below!

Pets that were adopted January 9th through January 15th.

Cats that were adopted:

Alpha, Anise, Bella, Bronco, Daisy, Davenport, Donna Who, Dumplin, Garbanzo Bean, Green Bean, Hawaii, Janae, Jolene, Loki, Lola, Mack, Marley, Noir, Ollie Miller, Pineapple Pizza, Pinky, Quinn, Rose, Sapphire, Sharron, Skidder B, Skippy, Sopapilla, Suku, Triss, Verity, Virgo, Vixen, and Zyrtec.

Ace, Banjo, Brantley, Brenda, Bugs Bunny, Chopstick, Cosmo, Dove, Elmer, Hagrid, Kandie, Koda, Lorne, Malvo, Mishka, Mulberry, Natasha, Nibbs, Perdita, Road Runner, Roxy, Rusty, Sapphire, and Sue Bell.