We Were Adopted! June 11th – June 17th.

Treasure and 36 of her friends found happiness!

“One man’s trash is another man’s Treasure”

Treasure, now Molly, was found rummaging through the trash by the good people you see here. They have adopted from us before so when they found Molly, they immediately brought her to LHS. Their attachment to her was strong, and when they knew she was healthy enough to go home with their other dogs they fostered her while she regained her strength and started to feel safe again. Before we knew it Molly was a brand-new dog, and they were finalizing their adoption.

Molly is so grateful to be alive today and so ready to spend the rest of her days with the amazing people who saved her life. Thank you for adopting, and thank you for saving Molly 💚

Thank you to everyone who adopted this past week giving so many pets new homes and thank you to Petco Love for making adoptions like this possible!

Check out who else found happiness below!

Pets that were adopted June 11th through June 17th!

Cats that were adopted:

Aragorn, Arwen, Cali, Calista, Caramel, Crinkle, Doakes, Enchilada, Gentleman Caller, Legend, Lennon, Luca, Midnight, Nousha, Pearl Jam, Pepper, Peppo, Phil Collins, Pink Floyd, Poppy, Porter, Sage, Saltine, Sansa, and Stitch.

Dogs that were adopted:

Izzy, Madeline, Niko, Ramen, Shadow, Treasure, Walter, and Zorro.