We Were Adopted! June 18th – June 24th.

Briar and 46 of his friends Found Happiness this week!

Briar and his siblings came to LHS when they were just six weeks old. All of these sweet kittens were found in dire need of medical attention. They were thin and fighting various illnesses and infections. We began treating them with a special diet and medication. As you can probably tell from his photo (right), Briar, along with his other ailments, had severe eye issues. Briar had chronic ocular disease, which was causing elevated third eyelids and vascularized corneas. This not only made it hard for him to see but was also uncomfortable and painful.

We made Briar and his siblings more comfortable with treatments to help their infections, fluids to help with their dehydration, and food and love to help them gain weight. Our veterinarians treated Briar’s eyes in hopes of saving his eyes and sight, but the treatments only provided temporary relief. Briar’s eyes, however, were not able to be healed. About two weeks ago our medical team performed a double enucleation surgery, which is the removal of both Briar’s eyes.

As all happy endings go, Briar made a full recovery, gained lots of weight, and got very spoiled in his foster home with one of our staff members. We are happy to say that Brier was adopted over the weekend by one of that staff members friends and will have a LHS Alumni sibling that is also blind!

Thank you to everyone who adopted this weekend giving so many deserving pets a second chance at happiness and thank you to Petco Love for making adoptions like this possible!

Check out who else found happiness below!

Pets that were adopted June 18th through June 24th.

Cats that were adopted:

Alexandria, Alma, Bastet, Brandywine, Briar, Emmy Lou, Fate, Fisher, Georgie, Graham, Gray Ghost, Gwen, Horus, Lindsay Lulu, Luna, Miss Sue, MooMoo, Nile, Oreo, Pick-up, Ponyo, Roger That, Seaquest, Sprite, Tadpole, Thoth, Tigerella, Twinkle, and Worcestershire.

Dogs that were adopted:

Boone, Bruno, Buddy, Cupid, Dixie, Femi, Girly Pop, Grace, Ivy, Jordan, Kenny, Lulu, Meg, Memphis, Minnie, Moira, Petey, and Pineapple Princess.