We Were Adopted! June 25th – July 1st.

Adelaide and 44 of her friends found happiness this week!

Little Adelaide and her siblings came over a month ago very sick. They ended up testing positive for Panleukopenia (Panleuk). Our medical team quickly went to work to help Adelaide and her siblings to get them better and get back to normal kitten shenanigans.

We are so happy to say that all three kittens kicked Panleuk! They graduated last week from foster care and Adalaide and her brother Billy Boss already found new families!

Thank you to everyone who adopted this weekend giving so many deserving pets a second chance at happiness and thank you to Petco Love for making adoptions like this possible!

Check out who else found happiness below!

Pets that were adopted June 25th through July 1st.

Cats that were adopted:

Adelaide, Alvina, Ametrine, April, Armadillo, Billy Boss, Boba, Calvin, Carl Wyatt, CJ, Craig, Do-si-dos, Guppy, Honeybadger, Jasper, JC Penny, Jenny, Kiara, Muffin, Oyster, Panda, Quartz, Robin, Shellie, Sonny, Triscuit, Walton, Wesson, and Yin.

Dogs that were adopted:

Apple, Aster, Cutie, Echo, Gator, Lacey, Lemon, Lunar Year, Maple, Oak, Poppy, Sascha, Stewie, and Zeus.

Small pets that were adopted: