We Were Adopted! June 4th – June 10th.

Cami and 32 of her friends found happiness this week!

We are so happy to let you know that Cami has found happiness! 💜

Cami has been in our care for almost a year now and has struggled with life inside LHS. Since she’s been with us, Cami has been confused and frustrated by her environment. Our amazing foster team was able to get her into foster care where Cami blossomed! We found out that though she is an independent girly, she still loves cuddles, and will do anything for treats.

When Cami came back from foster, she instantly shut down again. Needless to say, we needed to find a home for her fast so she could go back to being her happy self. Last week a volunteer who was a huge advocate for Cami, placed a memo on Cami’s profile that the wonderful people over at @Lynchburg Grows were interested in adopting Cami and having her be a resident farm cat! We reached out and the rest is history! They came and adopted Cami yesterday evening and even let us know that she immediately warmed up to them and was accepting treats and pets.

We are so happy for Cami and can’t thank Lynchburg Grows enough for giving Cami a loving home. 💜

And we also want to thank you too Petco Love for making adoptions like this possible! Check out below who else found happiness!

Pets that were adopted June 4th through June 10th.

Cats that were adopted:

April Showers, Aura, Cami, Cecil, Charisma, Curry, Eowyn, Fedora, Frannie, huck, Kai, Makita, Matcha, Mocha, Nami, Optimus Prime, Starscream, Tom, Trucker, and Tucker.

Dogs that were adopted:

Ace, Buttercup, Coco, Falafel, Finnegan, Hans, hazel, Memphis, Moana, Rokko, Village, and Wishbone.