We Were Adopted! March 19th – 25th.

Sammy and 58 of his friends found happiness this week!

Sweet Sammy originally came into our care in February of 2021 and was adopted by his family just a couple months later in April. Sammy was known to be super shy but with them he was a completely different dog. They were Sammy’s perfect fit. Unfortunately, as we all know life happens and due to some unforeseen circumstances, Sammy ended up back in our care at the end of 2022.

Due to Sammy’s shy nature, it was hard for us to find a home for him. He would open up for staff and show off his adorable personality, but when it came to the public, he would hide that personality.

On Friday we got a call from his adopter! She said that things were finally at a place to where they could bring Sammy back home. A little over a year later this sweet boy and his family were finally reunited, and we couldn’t be happier for them!

We are so happy for Sammy and all of his friends here at the Center who found happiness with new families to call their own! Thank you to everyone who adopted and thank you to Select Bank for making it possible for people and pets to Find Happiness!

Check out who all found happiness below!

Pets that were adopted March 19th through March 25th.

Cats that were adopted:

Annie, Bonjour, Do-Si-Dos, Gwen, Helena, Homer, Humboldt, Jasper, Kit Kat, Malcolm, Marianne, Neon, Pangolin, Patches, Rooster, Samantha, Seal, Topanga, Trefoils, Whisk, and Wilder.

Dogs that were adopted:

Audrey, Avatar, Barry, Benny, Blitzen, Coconut, Coral, Delilah, Dilly Dally, Dixie, Dream Weaver, Elodie, Frosty, Hadley, Harrison, Locket, Lucy, Machi, Maxine, Minnie, Morpheus, Olive, Penguin, Pharaoh, Pippa, Pupperoni, Roman, Sammy, Scooby, Shadow, Shelley, Snowball, Stables, Stew, String Bean, Tank, Thunder, and Trinity.