We Were Adopted!! March 7th – March 13th.

Big Mac, along with 30 other Pets found happiness this week!

Big Mac is the definition of a hunk of love. This big orange boy was saved in the community by our friends at Stray Cat TNR and was in need of immediate medical attention. Big Mac had a severe ear wound that was in danger of becoming infected as well as some symptoms of an upper respiratory infection. Big Mac received the first round of his treatment from LHS at our Spay/Neuter Clinic. Our veterinarian operated on Big Mac, treating his ear as well as completing his neuter. Big Mac then received the rest of his medication and was helped through recovery by our wonderful Medical Team and his foster, Shannon. Big Mac had his suture removal last month and it is completely healed! Check out the before and after photos!

He got to join in on a class of Purrlates and loved every minute of getting to snuggle up on some other attendees. His big personality and handsome looks landed him a family really quick once he became available for adoption and the staff couldn’t be happier for him. Congrats to Big Mac and his new family!

Pets that were adopted March 7th – March 13th.

Cats that were adopted:

Alani, Albus, Big Mac, Bruce, Erik, Imelda, Kocktail, Linda, Macy, Patchy, Penny, Phantom, Philip, Rose Bowl, Sean, Seven, Tio, and Chicken Fry

Dogs that were adopted:

Boots, Choppa, Delilah, Draco, Happy Feet, Jackie, Jackson, Nelly, Penelope, Pooh, Sleepy, and Marlin

Small Pets that were adopted: