We Were Adopted! May 16th through May 22nd.

Written by: Kristen Brown and Sydnee Tran

Titan and Mr. Magoo, plus 49 other pets found happiness this week!

Some things are worth waiting for.


We are so excited to announce that Titan found happiness after the second chance YOU helped us give him!

Titan not only attended Muddy & Co.’s board and train program our amazing community helped us send him to, he THRIVED in it! This was Titan’s missing step to being his bouncy, tippy tappy, ball chasing, goofball self. Not only did Titan have a great time playing with the other dogs in the program and relaxing in the trainer’s comfortable home environment, he also learned helpful basic manners, how to meet new people confidently, and to depend on his person to guide him through situations. Most importantly, he was equipped to meet his new family! 

Titan now looks forward to a life of adventure with people who love and understand him! As his trainer said, “every dog finds their person when they are given the chance. Titan was provided the support he needed and a chance at a new life. This lucky dog is in for lots of new adventures!”

Mr. Magoo

When Mr. Magoo came to us a year ago, he was fractious and barely holding on. He had a horrible infection that consumed his left eye. We weren’t sure if we would be able to save him, but we knew we had to try. After we removed his eye, we knew it was just a matter of time before he was feeling like himself again. Once his infection was under control he slowly started to unravel.

The changes we saw in him over the next year were nothing short of a miracle. He went from being terrified of people, to being obsessed with physical touch. He finally found the home he’s been searching for all along. With his very own brother. Now he’ll spend the rest of his days napping, cuddling, and scaring off garden mice.

We would like to thank his new family for taking the time to get to know him, and we’d also like to thank this month’s sponsor, Petco Love for making success stories like this possible.

Pets that were adopted May 16th-22nd.

Cats that were adopted:

Anton, Athos, Brendon, Buttercup, Chicken Biscuit, Chicken Fry, Chili, Freckle, Joel, Kathleen, Lettuce, Lucy Searwar, Marlene, Mr. Magoo, Naomi, Porthos, Punkin, Riley, Rita, Roddy, Silas, Spike, Sporty Spice, Suzi, Sweet Tea, Valentine, Vanilla Bean, and Whitney.

Dogs that were adopted:

Amelia, Bhutan, Champ, Chevelle, Dexter, Jake, Kushion, L. B., Lexi, Maressa, Milady, Mistlepaw, Motor, Nina, Pam, Pillsbury, Remi, Rex, Rocky, Theo, Titan, Tommy, and Usnavi.