We Were Adopted! May 21st – May 27th!

Tucker and 60 of his friends found happiness this week!

Sweet Tucker originally came into our care in late 2021 and was adopted just a couple months later, but unfortunately life happened, and Tucker had to come back to us a little over a year later. Since then, he has spent time in and out of foster homes getting breaks from the shelter and had a little bit of adoption interest, but they weren’t the match Tucker needed.

Tucker did have many staff buddies here at the Center who loved spending time with him, and Tucker loved every minute of being spoiled by them. We learned that Tucker was just a big lap dog who wanted nothing more than to give you all of his love and affection. He also really liked spending time with other dogs! He spent a lot of time in our playgroups, running around with all his besties. Though staff did their best to make sure Tucker was happy at the Center while he waiting to find his perfect match, we could start to see that Tucker was getting sad. We knew we had to do everything we could to make this sweet boy happy again, so our foster team quickly went to work on finding him a foster home.

Tucker went into foster in February of this year and in those few months he became his happy self again, so much so that his fosters fell in love with him, and decided to make it official and adopted him over the weekend! We are so happy for Tucker and that he finally found happiness after waiting for so long.

Thank you to everyone who adopted this past week giving so many pets new homes and families. thank you as well to Petco Love for making adoptions like this possible!

Check out who else got adopted below!

Pets that were adopted May 21st through May 27th.

Cats that were adopted:

Andrea, Asia, Astra, Atom, Blueberry, Borbolita, Bottle Cap, Buttermilk, Cassian, Chocolate Chip, Emerald, Farfalla, Gaia, Horatio, I Spy, Jade, Kelly, Limburger, Maple Syrup, Marilyn, Mariposa, Miss Tay, Neutron, Otto, Panda, Papillon, Petra, Pili-Pala, Pumpkin, Schmetterling, Soren, Tarragon, Tigger, Toby, and Vannah.

Dogs that were adopted:

Blaire, Cortland, Ditto, Dream Weaver, Earth, Gatlinburg, Hiccup, Jonathan, Jupiter, Knoxville, Kuiper, Mars, Maryville, McIntosh, Memphis, Millington, Minnie, Morning Glory, Mt. Juliet, Nashville, Neptune, Phoebe, Sol, Tucker, Uranus, and Venus.