We Were Adopted! May 23rd through May 29th.

Reunions and happy endings, 50 Pets found Happiness this weekend including two amazing stories!

Written by: Laura Murphy and Sydnee Tran


Staff members at LHS create many special bonds with the pets that come in and out of our doors every day. Personally, this has happened to me before, but there is one dog that 100% stole my heart and was always on my mind. Renegade. As devastating as it was for me, the timing just was not right for me to add Renegade to my family. Saturday, the day came for Renegade to start his new life with the perfect family. I was super nervous- given his apprehension of strangers- sad, excited and happy all at the same time for Renegade.

The family brought their dog, who according to them looked very similar to our boy Renegade which is what drew them to come in and meet him. In conversation they mentioned they had adopted their dog from LHS about a year ago. I asked what her name was at LHS and they said ”Sahara”. Renegade’s brothers and sisters were all named after models of Jeeps. THIS WAS HIS SISTER!!! Instantly I knew this was where Renny was meant to be and how this was supposed to play out.

Tears were shed and I felt lost not being to have our trail walk today, but I could not be any happier for my sweet and goofy boy. Congratulations to Renny, his sister and their family. Thank you to Petco Love for bringing dreams like this to life!

Tommy and Angelica

We’d like to celebrate two very special adoptions today. Some time ago, 3 very sick puppies arrived at our Center with a severe case of Parvo. Their names were Tommy, Angelica, and Tyson. Parvovirus is a relentless and unforgiving illness, and while we did everything in our power to treat, care for and save all three pups, Tyson’s condition was too advanced, and he didn’t make it.

Despite the heartbreak, our medical team put all of their efforts into Tommy and Angelica and it paid off!! They made a FULL recovery, and lots of new friends along the way!

While beginning of their LHS residency was sorrowful, the end of their stay is worth celebrating!! We are happy to report that Tommy went home last week with amazing new parents, and Angelica went home with a new Husky brother and Maltese sister!

We couldn’t be more excited for this special pair as we’ve grown very attached to them. We know Tyson is looking down with a warm heart, smiling at his siblings’ newfound happiness!

Pets that were adopted May 23rd-29th.

Cats that were adopted:

Adam, Bingley, Blanco, Chicory, Elizabeth, Farfalle, Flamingo, Frost, Gene Osborne, Glory, Igloo, Jane, Jason Falls, John DeHeer, Kelly, Koa, Mango, McKinley, Mike McGrath, Nettle, Phoebe, Posh Spice, Quinn, Rein, Rigatoni, Sid, Snowball, Star City, and Tundra.

Dogs that were adopted:

Addie, Angelica, Axel, Buddy, C.J, Donkey, Fiona, Frederick, Kanga, Patrick, Perdita, Prince Charming, Renegade, Scooter, Shrek, Spork, Vanessa, and Wilbur.

Small Pets that were adopted: