We Were Adopted! May 28th – June 3rd.

Benji and 43 of his friends found happiness this week!

Sweet little Benji came into our care in early May and won over many staff members hearts with his goofy personality. Benji is a little different in some ways than other dogs. He is very clumsy, and his little legs are always on the move unless he’s snoozing away. Before we made him adoptable, we wanted to make sure he didn’t have any major neurological issues. Our medical team did discover that Benji has a neurologic deficit which is an abnormal neurologic function in a specific area of the nervous system, that he has likely had since birth. This disorder may never go away for Benji, but it won’t stop him from living his happiest life.

Benji became available for adoption last week and it didn’t take long for him to win over the heart of his now mom! We are so happy for our happy feet puppy and his new family.

Thank you to everyone who adopted giving so many pets new homes and happiness. Thank you also to Petco Love for being this month’s sponsor! Check out who else was adopted below!

Pets that were adopted May 28th through June 3rd.

Cats that were adopted:

Amelia, Balto, Brown Sugar, Canada Dry, Chloe, DiCaprio, Dio, Eleanor, Ellie, Essence, Glenda, Harper, Holly, Larry, Malone, Moonglow, Nikki, Ramsey, Riku, Roger, Root Beer, Roz, Sansa, Serena, Togo, Tyrion, and Worcestershire. 

Dogs that were adopted:

Benji, Bootie, Brooklyn, Fuji, Haley, Honey Crisp, Izzy, Kanga, Knoxville, Lexi, Mercury, Pink Lady, Rogersville, Spring Hill, Sweetums, Vienna, and Zorro.