We Were Adopted!! May 9th- May 15th.

Fawn and 35 other Pets Found Happiness this week!

Fawn came into our care May of 2022. She was one of our longest stay cats, simply because she was a bit shy and wouldn’t really come out for affection from humans but enjoyed attention from other cats. We posted about her in our “Did you know? working cats” blog last week explaining why she was here and in hopes of finding this beautiful girl a home, and it worked! Fawn was adopted three days later!

We are so happy for her to begin her journey with her new family. We want to say thank you to her adopters, Will Bostic for sponsoring her care, and to our sponsors at Petco Love for making adoptions like these possible!

Pets that were adopted May 9th-15th.

Cats that were adopted:

Becky a la Rue, Cabernet, Cha Cha, Chicken Dance, Chimi Cheesecake, Corn, Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, Ellie, Fawn, Grant, Jack-Be-Little, Jambalaya Jessica, John B, Nova, Puddin, Roger, Rosie the Riveter, and Sopapilla.

Dogs that were adopted:

Annie Oakley, Anya, Arisa, Baked Potato, Bane, Benny, Chad, Dwight, Gabriella, Luna, Neptune, Oscar, Scooter, Tinkerbell, Troy, Watson, and Willie.