We were adopted! November 7th- 13th

Juice and 52 of her friends found happiness this week!

Written by Ashley Douglas

They tell you how great fostering is, but you don’t really know until you do it. Juice was the first foster kitten that I brought home, and boy did we fall in love with her. We watched her grow, learn, play, and cause mischief with our four cats. She LOVED our cats, especially her best friend Malley. You could always catch the two of them getting into something together.

When it was finally time for Juice to graduate, I cried, big girl tears. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye, but knew it was time for her to find her very own family. While she waited Juice got to come to events, like Pawcasso, where she made some friends. She would also get snuggles from everyone who came into her room (which I did every day.)

Sunday, I was packing up things from the Fall Fest, and headed down the hallway when I saw this couple and one of our staff members walking out of the room with Juice and my heart got so happy. Her day had finally come! They were adopting her and making her part of their family. I got to say goodbye to my first foster kitten (now on number four) and watch her leave with her new wonderful parents. I’m so happy for them and this new adventure together.

If you are ever considering fostering, do it! It’s worth every moment.

Thank you to everyone who came in to adopt, giving so many pets homes. Thank you to Terry Subaru for being our banner sponsor. Check out below who all got adopted this week!

Pets that were adopted November 7th through November 13th.

Cats that were adopted:

Amorette, Barge, Bennet, Bowser, Cake Pop, Charlie Thomas, Cricket, Cygnus, Director Shepard, Facebook, Floofer, Fraken Berry, Grizzly, Iyaz, Juice, Jupiter, Kacie, Macho, Michelangelo, Milky Way, Miller, Mister Mozz, Oliver, Orange Pop, Ottilie, Paws, Peabody, Phoebe Buffay, Pilgrim, Poker, Regan, Ron, Sara Bellum, Sugarfoot, Trixie, and Wonka Bar.

Dogs that were adopted:

Ariel, Charlie Brown, Coffee, Deebo, Draco, Indiana Bones, Linus, Lizbet, Lucas, Marcie, Nikki, Remington, S’mores, Sally, Shark Boy, Snoopy, and Sophia.