We Were Adopted! October 17th-23rd.

Sweet Sadie ad 41 other pets found happiness this week!

Sadie came into our care back in 2022. Since then, our team has learned that she is nothing but a big ol’ goofball who wants nothing but your love and attention. When she wasn’t trying to snuggle up to you could find her snuggled up with her favorite stuffie.

On Friday of last week, she found her match! An adopter came in looking for a companion that was sweet and loves cuddles and well, long story short she found Sadie. We are so happy for them and this new journey they are on together.

We want to say thank you to Fran Briley for sponsoring Sadie’s adoption fee, and to everyone who adopted this past week giving so many pets new loving homes. Thank you also to Terry Subaru for being this month’s sponsor and for hosting #SubaruLovesPets event.

Check out who all got adopted below!

Pets that were adopted October 17th through October 23rd.

Cats that were adopted:

Artie, Atlantis, Bambi, Baseball, Bellamy, Cauldron, Dr. Hunt, Dumpling, Edwina, Fearless, Garfield, Ghost, Go Fish, Knight, Popcorn, Potsticker, Sawyer, Sebastian, Sloane, Smudge, Spooky, Spring Roll, and Taylor’s Version.

Dogs that were adopted:

Axel, Berry, Bruiser Woods, Buffy, Cheesy, Dude, Fairy, Francis, Holly Jolly, Jack, Lucy, Missy, Molly, Rocket, Sadie, Salt, Snowdrop, Teacup, and Volga.