We Were Adopted! September 5th – 11th

Homer hit a home run! 36 other pets also found happiness this week!

Homer was brought into our care as a lost pet by a community member with a few health concerns. Our medical team went to work and got Homer feeling 100% again. The staff quickly found out that Homer was quite the cuddle bug. He loves pets, and sitting in laps any chance he can get.

On Friday a couple came in looking for a new addition to add to their family and spotted Homer. Well Homer hit it out of the park and it didn’t take them long to fall in love with his charming personality. We are so happy for them and their new journey together.

Thank you to everyone who adopted this past week and gave so many pets new homes. Also, a big thank you to Bank of the James for being this month’s adoption banner sponsor!

Check out all the pets that got adopted below!

Pets that were adopted September 5th through September 11th.

Cats that were adopted:

Beetee, Bitsey, Blackberry, Carmello, Elvira, fancy, Faye, Frankie, Gabbana, Homer, Jared, Jedidiah, Kylie, Lisa, Mary Read, Mel, Minny, Oreo, Red Savina Pepper, Sheela, Sherman, Versace, West, and Winky.

Dogs that were adopted:

Croissant, Dublin, English Muffin, Lola, Moze, Mr. Beans, Ned, Noelle, Pancake, Rex, Scorpio, Sparky, and Stacey.